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IDF Europe Position on Mobile Applications in Diabetes

Journal Article
Over the last decade, advances in technology and connectivity have led to the boom of Internet-based and mobile applications (Apps) which have rendered access to information easier and faster and have changed our daily lives. With 60 million people living with diabetes (PWD) in Europe and 32 million more at risk, diabetes has been a major target for software companies, with the aim to help people manage their chronic condition, and to prevent diabetes in people at risk. IDF Europe is the voice of 70 national associations, representing PWD and health professionals in 47 European countries, and a strong supporter of innovation in healthcare. Witnessing the emergence of Apps in the field of diabetes, given the general uptake of a connected lifestyle, and recognising the potential in the ability of these Apps to make an impact on the lives of PWD, IDF Europe reflected on Mobile Applications in Diabetes, examining Diabetes and new technology through psychology, motivation and behavioural change in diabetes management; the healthcare professional perspective; potential roles of diabetes-related Apps, pointing to existing evidence and important ethical issues; and finally offering recommendations on four levels: individual, healthcare professional, political and App developers.