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Refereed Journal Publications

Uppari B., I. Popescu and S. Netessine, Selling Off-grid Light to Luqidity Constrained Consumers, M&SOM 2019, 21 (2) Vol. 21, pp. 308-326

--Finalist, IBM Service Science Student Paper Competition, INFORMS 2017; Second Prize, Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment Paper Competition 2016.

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Pricing and Revenue Management: The Value of Coordination, with A. Koçabiyikoglu and C. Stefanescu, Management Science, 60(3), March 2014, pp. 730-752.


Managing Retention in Service Relationships, with Sam Aflaki, Management Science, February 2014, 60(2), pp. 415-433 -- First Prize in the DAS student paper competition; finalist M&SOM student paper award (INFORMS 2010); top 10 Decision Analysis all-time hits at SSRN. 


Advance Selling when Consumers Regret, with J. Nasiry, Management Science 58 (6), June 2012, pp. 1160–1177. 


Dynamic Pricing with Loss Averse Consumers and Peak-End Anchoring, with J. Nasiry, Operations Research 59 (6), Nov-Dec 2011 1361-1368. Download (SSRN) -- finalist in the DAS student paper competition, INFORMS 2008

An Elasticity Perspective on the Newsvendor with Price Sensitive Demand, with A. Koçabiyikoglu, Operations Research, 59(2), March–April 2011, pp. 301–312. 


Media Revenue Management with Audience Uncertainty, with V. Araman, M&SOM 2010 12: 190-212, published online before print June 12, 2009. [Abstract] [PDF]--lead article; winner of the 2012 M&SOM Best Paper Awardfinalist in the JFIG paper competition, INFORMS 2005

Editorial—Introduction to the Special Issue: Teaching Revenue Management, INFORMS Transactions on Education, 9(3), May 2009, pp. 98-98 


Managerial Motivation Dynamics and Incentives, with A. Kocabiyikoglu, Management Science, Vol. 53, No. 5, May 2007, pp. 834-848 


Dynamic Pricing Strategies with Reference Effects, with Y. Wu, Operations Research, Vol. 55, No. 3, May-June 2007, pp.413-429. 


Robust Mean-Covariance Solutions for Stochastic Optimization and Applications, 2007, Operations Research, Vol. 55, No. 1, January-February 2007, pp. 98-112. 


Deterministic Price-Inventory Management for Substitutable Products, 2006, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 4 No. 4, pp. 354-366 (with A. Kuyumcu) 


An SDP Approach to Optimal Moment Bounds for Convex Classes of Distributions, 2005, Math.of O.R., 50 No.3, pp. 632-657. Download -- awarded 1st prize in the JFIG paper competition, INFORMS 2003

Optimal Inequalities in Probability Theory: A Convex Optimization Approach, 2005, SIAM Journal on Optimization, 15, No.3, 780-804 (with D. Bertsimas). 


Revenue Management in A Dynamic Network Environment, 2003, Transportation Science 37, No. 3, pp. 257-277 (with D. Bertsimas), 


On The Relation Between Option and Stock Prices: An Optimization Approach, 2002, Operations Research 50, No. 2 pp. 358-374 (with D. Bertsimas). 



In Progress

Selling a dream: Pricing under Savoring and Anticipation (with Javad Nasiry)

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Social Influence and Online Spending (with Yue Wu and Paddy Padhmanabhan)

Revenue Management for Social Impact; Selling Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Revenue vs. Customer Relationship Management

Other Publications

Dynamic Pricing Strategies under Repeated Interactions, with Y. Wu, Proceedings of the DSI Conference, Barcelona, July 2005

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Moment Problems via Semidefinite ProgrammingApplications in Probability and Finance, Nicholson paper competition finalist (with D. Bertsimas), 2000. 


Applications of Optimization to Probability, Finance and Revenue Management, PhD Thesis in the Departments of Mathematics and Operations Research at MIT, May 1999

Media (selected)


Railway Strategies, May 2008, Peaktime for train travel

Transit Magazine, March 2008, Can Rail balance the Commercial with the Social

The Economist, June 15, 2007, What's in the journals? Money and Supply

Management Today, June 2006, Rock'n roll strategy: U2's Vertigo tour

Management Today, May 2006, What gets workers working

Management Today, Oct 2006, Cannibals and angels: price inventory management for substitute products

Welt am Sonntag, July 2006 Wunderwaffe auf Schienen

OR/MS Today, April 2006, Is India Ready for Revenue Management?

Le Figaro, February 2005 La SNCF module ses prix et remplit ses TGVs

Emerce October 2005 Altijd Prijs

Science et Vie, March 2001 « Le Net se paye votre tête »

La Tribune, March 2002 « Le YM vient frapper à la porte des transporteurs »



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