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What are the attributes of a good negotiator? The ability to create value, innovate, build strong and meaningful relationships, have a sense of purpose, and enjoy the process along the way. While the art of negotiation is neither obvious nor easy, it can be taught.

Negotiation is a foundational skill that permeates several aspects of our lives, and yet most negotiators overly rely on experience, intuition, or a hand-full of tricks. Scientifically, negotiation has blossomed as a field in the last 40yrs. From beginners to experts, every negotiator has blind spots and shortcomings, and everyone can become a better negotiator with the right amount and proper training.

Join us for this upcoming webinar, during which we will discuss the art of negotiation and delve into the New INSEAD Certificates in Negotiation – the pathways to becoming an expert negotiator!




Horacio Falcao
Professor of Management Practice, INSEAD
Roderick Swaab
Professor of Organisational Behaviour
and Academic Director of the PhD Programme, INSEAD
Eric Uhlmann
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD

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Learn about the art and science of negotiation from 3 INSEAD faculty 

Discover the New INSEAD Certificates in Negotiation and how they could help you advance

Ask questions to the INSEAD faculty and staff on the subject matter or certificates

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