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On-demand virtual coaching, supporting leaders through today's crisis in preparation for tomorrow's uncertainties

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Develop self-awareness and personal insight for more effective leadership in times of crisis

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to have far reaching implications on society and business, organisations need reflective leaders who can act swiftly and decisively without losing the bigger picture.

In times of chaos and turbulence the pressure to deliver and make the final call can however be challenging. It is during these times that crafting space for reflexion, developing self-awareness and exploring biases is key. Now, more than ever, coaching leaders has become more crucial.

INSEAD's new on-demand Virtual Executive Coaching offers four one-to-one sessions with one of our highly experienced coaches - supporting you through the crisis and providing you with the tools and insights to become a better and more reflective leader.

A Four-Step Process


Whilst working from home is the new "norm", the pressure to deliver and deliver fast coupled with increased loneliness at the top has never been more acute. 

One-to-one coaching sessions provide a personal and safe space to address everyday leadership challenges whilst simultaneously preparing you to become a stronger and more confident leader, ready to respond to the uncertainties that lay ahead.

  • Step 1
    Shortly after booking your sessions, our team will be in touch with you to define your coaching objectives
  • Step 2
    Once your objectives are defined, we will carefully review them and select the right coach for you
  • Step 3
    INSEAD will connect you to your coach so you can start planning your sessions according to your schedule
  • Step 4
    You connect from anywhere in the world to your virtual sessions

Book Your Virtual Executive Coaching Sessions


Book your four Virtual Executive Coaching sessions with one of INSEAD's highly experienced coaches.

Your INSEAD coach will help you reflect on your leadership style and be at your side to support you in dealing with the crisis and to effectively rise to today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's.

  • Sessions: 4 virtual coaching sessions of 1 hour each
  • Dates: INSEAD will connect you with your expert coach so that you can start planning your sessions according to your schedule
  • Fee: € 1,600

Exceptional Leadership Development Coaches


In a time of chaos and fast-paced reactivity, organisations need reflective leaders who can act swiftly and decisively when the situation calls.

For many years, INSEAD Executive Coaching has been developing reflective leaders who create results-driven, adaptive and innovative organisations by putting people first.

INSEAD is well known for the quality and diversity of its coaches, all carefully selected for their expertise in individual coaching.








Average years of coaching experience



Speak at least two languages



Have lived and worked abroad



Have experience at C-suite or board level



Are women



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