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The goal of LEAP is to effect change, not simply talk about it. We pursue this goal through the following four steps:

  • Awareness: Using multiple lenses, we allow you to really see yourself – your behaviour and the thoughts and feelings that give rise to behaviour – and your impact on others
  • Intention: Credible intentions coupled with commitments to self and others, raise the chances of successful behavioural change
  • (Overcoming) Interference: Using cognitive behavioural approaches, the programme helps you develop ways to identify and overcome interference 
  • Practice: The modular design of LEAP enables you to repeatedly practise the new behaviours you seek, until they become habitual.

The latter describes the process LEAP employs to enable the changes you seek. The areas in which we encourage you to pursue changes include the organisational, the inter-personal and the intra-personal. We address these three levels since it is likely that you do so too in your own leadership.

We examine diverse questions at each level that are drawn from the following:


The LEAP Difference


An innovative design addressing the leadership needs of senior executives.

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