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NEW! Virtual session now available

Powering Growth is now offered via a live virtual platform, allowing you to experience the same course content and INSEAD faculty as the on-campus sessions, from anywhere in the world.

As with our on-campus session, the virtual session will enable you to discover and adopt a completely new way forward to achieve growth. You will obtain new tools and practice using them so that these principles become second nature. You will also have the opportunity to network live with your peers via virtual networking sessions and peer-sharing sessions.

To learn more about the virtual format please contact the programme advisor.

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Your future is in the hands of your customers

Customer engagement implies attitudes and procedures that go much deeper than are normally understood. What do customers think they want? What do they really want? And then, what is it that customers don’t even know they want? You have to go beyond demographic descriptions to understand the psychology that motivates the behaviour of your customers, their rational statements and their emotional aspirations.

You can achieve superior performance through customer-based productive, sustained growth. But first you need to rethink your whole approach. Powering Growth will break through the platitudes many organisations allow themselves to believe about their customer focus. Over five days, the programme will instil in you a whole new way of thinking that will allow you to create your own roadmap for growth.

The way the world is now, you grow… or start to wither and die. It is easy to say, but do you really know what it takes to grow your business? Growth does not mean just getting a short-term advantage over competitors, but taking your business to new peaks of performance and profitability. And then sustaining it.


How you benefit

  • A new way forward. Discover and adopt a completely new way forward to achieve growth.
  • Learn how to use new tools. Obtain new tools and practise using them so that these principles become second nature.
  • Lead fresh ideas. Develop and lead momentum for your organisation on your return to work.

Participant profile

The programme is designed for proactive managers concerned with any aspect of the business related to strategies for top performance or profitable growth, including those working with internal customers.

It is suitable for highly experienced executives with responsibilities in general management, strategic planning, marketing and sales, product development and R&D, human resources or public relations, among other areas.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Which Strategy programme is for you?


We offer a variety of Strategy programmes designed to equip business leaders with the rigorous strategic thinking skills to uncover opportunities for creating and capturing value. View the comparison grid below to find out which Strategy programme best matches your needs.

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