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Improve Performance to Deliver
Exceptional Value

Some initiatives are total failures, some start well and then lose momentum; but a few launch long-lasting processes of self-sustaining improvement. We understand the pressures you face when it comes to implementing and sustaining performance-improvement initiatives – from conception to execution.

Achieving Outstanding Performance emphasises the importance of making the right decisions. Through understanding the roles played by people, processes and measures, you are presented with the do’s and don’ts of performance excellence.

How you benefit

  • Clearly defined initiatives: Assess the merits of the design and implementation of performance-improvement initiatives.
  • Maximised business-model innovation: Use business-model innovation to help choose which activities to perform and when and how to perform them.
  • Effective change management: Make sure that project plans follow best practice on managing organisational change.
  • More accurate performance evaluation: Employ the right metrics to evaluate and monitor performance-improvement programmes.


Participant Profile

Participants are usually middle or senior managers of organisations concerned with initiatives to enhance performance, irrespective of industry, nationality or functional responsibilities.

The programme will be particularly helpful to executives whose organisations have already mounted performance-improvement initiatives – and who suspect that further progress will entail a more integrated and radical approach.

Furthermore participants are encouraged to invite colleagues to join the programme as well. As learning as a team and sharing the same concepts will enhance the ability to drive the performance initiatives back at the office more effectively.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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