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Executive Education

Project Finance and Green Finance

Ensure success in your project financing

More often than not, improper structuring rather than the intrinsic value of projects is the cause of many failures.

Project Finance and Green Finance seeks to shed light on this by providing a framework and methodology to look at project financing as a viable financing option from both the debt and equity perspective. 

Using case studies, that cover both social and economic infrastructure projects, the programme illustrates how and why major infrastructure projects succeed or fail. 


How you benefit

  • Understand when to use project finance and how it differs from other corporate finance techniques
  • Conduct the due diligence of a project from a bank’s point of view and from an equity point of view
  • Learn how to identify and manage the key risks
  • Learn how to properly value projects
  • Understand how green energy projects (solar, wind…) can be valued and financed using project finance


Participant Profile

Project Finance and Green Finance is recommended for finance professionals, bankers, consultants, developers, project managers, engineers, lawyers and portfolio managers from the private sector and for civil servants from the public sector who deal with infrastructure and energy projects.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

Programme partners

Brussels-Africa Hub

The Brussels-Africa Hub is a diaspora-led international non-profit organization with the mission to unlock Africa's true potential and position Brussels as the European hub for impactful, sustainable and responsible (ISR) investments towards Africa.


Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is a government institution, mandated to accelerate Rwanda's economic development by enabling private sector growth.

Rwanda Finance Limited (RFL)

Rwanda Finance Limited (RFL) is a private company mandated to promote and develop Rwanda as a leading destination for international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa.


Rwanda Bankers’ Association (RBA)

Rwanda Bankers’ Association (RBA) was formally established in 2009, to serve as an advocate for the banking sector in Rwanda.