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The Sustainability
Programme for Legal and Compliance Professionals

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Creating a global network of inspiring legal and compliance professionals 

Grounded in a core belief that legal and compliance professionals can directly and positively affect the people they advise and the companies they represent, The Sustainability Programme for Legal and Compliance Professionals aims to create a cohort of inspiring legal and compliance leaders who will accelerate the sustainability transition.

Indeed, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues represent “the opportunity of the century” for the legal and compliance professions. The winners will be those who embrace ESG with creativity, conviction, and courage with respect to their business and professional activities, from decisions made to professional advice given. Today’s legal and compliance advisors must provide informed counsel that meets the demands of 21st century society and stakeholder capitalism. 

This flagship offering has been developed alongside INSEAD’s Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society (HGIBS) and its efforts to align the future of business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How you benefit

  • Fosters a unique learning experience beyond standard technical legal and compliance training 
  • Focuses on the importance of making choices and dealing with ethical dilemmas arising from ESG
  • Enables legal and compliance professionals to present clients with a comprehensive spectrum of options when navigating the ESG transition
  • Creates a global network of inspiring legal and compliance professionals 

Participant Profile

This programme is designed to benefit:

  • Lawyers and compliance officers at international, regional, or local law firms who want to make a positive impact and are looking for a challenging ESG programme that enables them to gain first hand ESG business insights
  • General Counsels, Company Secretaries, in-house legal department professionals, Chief Compliance Officers and compliance professionals at companies, corporations, or multinational enterprises
  • Senior executives and business development professionals at both law firms and multinational companies


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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