Here’s a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the Strategic Innovation for Community Health programme.

In order to change the status quo, you have to step out and ask how you can change the experience for all those involved.

Sue Hoosain
Network General Manager
Unjani Clinics NPC
South Africa

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The programme helped give me a lot of confidence. Change and getting out of your comfort zone can be difficult to deal with, but the professors taught me change is not difficult. They emphasised that you don’t need to do it all over night. Rather, take small steps and change bit by bit. Think where you want to go.

Dr. Sindisiwe Van Zyl
Zuzimpilo Pulse Clinic
Johannesburg Area
South Africa

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As an organisation we knew that we needed to move to the next level and we had to do it innovatively, However, we did not know how to do it. This programme was an answer to prayer for me as the leader, I had an idea of next level, but I did not know how to map it, I was also fearful of making mistakes. Attending this course has given me courage to begin leading our organisation to that next level through innovation.

Jane Wathome
Beacon of Hope

The Strategic Innovation for Community Health programme opens the door for innovation in the health care industry and helps participants find solutions to do so.

Samar Abdelrahman
Health Programme Officer
Save The Children International

STICH methodology provides novel and powerful tools and strategies for health care and other companies to improve the way we do things innovatively thus help organizations to sustain innovative systems by effectively leveraging the time and skills of their talent staff pools. STICH therefore provides us a guided tour of the key innovative practices in almost all big and small companies in the world that can be replicable in our settings especially Health.

Sisawo Konteh
Aga Khan Health Services

The programme proved to be more than I expected. It gave me a systematic framework to work through the questions I had. I gained valuable insights such as how to develop the innovator’s DNA as a leader, how to better target and rally key stakeholders around organizational change, and how to work as a team to generate and sift through ideas to find a winning solution. I do not have the answers to all the questions I came with, but I feel like I have the right tools to figure out these answers progressively with my team.

Gloria Havyarimana
Country Manager
LifeNet International

It’s a great programme because it has a way of tickling the mind to recreate ideas that are a solution in one way or another. with this programme, it’s not about thinking the ideas and immediately celebrating results but it gives the strategic view as well the process to have a systematic, logical and coherent flow of implementable solutions.

Catherine Amulen
Coordinator Pediatric HIV services
Clinton Health Access Initiative

If you are a healthcare leader and have the opportunity to take a week off from your schedule this programme is a MUST for you.

Imo Etuk
Cofounder and CTO
mDoc Healthcare

After attending the STICH programme, I am fired up to inspire my team to create new ideas and to innovate so as to improve community health. I also feel more confident of our future success, having learned and practiced a proven systematic method for effecting the changes necessary in my organisation.

Liza Kimbo
LiveWell Network of Clinics and Hospitals

I thank INSEAD and J&J for taking and leading this initiative. This programme helped me personally to build an understanding on the global healthcare challenges and how the economic and business model can help to tackle this challenge.

Yohannes Haile
Program Manager
Catholic Relief Service

They provided in-depth analysis and personal reflections that were both frank and insightful. The change management simulations, group work and real-life video examples used made it easier to understand the concepts being discussed, enabled me to appreciate the variety of approaches used to address health care challenges, Business Model Innovation and Change Management.

Kehinde Akeem Adegoke
Department head
Adeoyo Maternity Teaching Hospital



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