Healthcare systems are at a crossroads. Today, managing chronic conditions is one of the most important areas of medical care. Healthcare systems need to be reimagined around a new understanding of wellness that shifts the focus from intermittent acute care to long-term relationships between providers and people. 

Innovation is a discipline. In the Strategic Innovation for Community Health programme, you will build the skills needed to conceptualise, design, and implement new approaches to ‘systems thinking’ for addressing the challenges of chronic care. Offered in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizen Trust, the programme includes sessions with leading INSEAD faculty on the latest theory and best practices in innovation, patient experience and behaviour, change management, and healthcare service design.

We tackle the chronic care challenge by applying simple, powerful conceptual models to case studies from around the world. You will build knowledge of key aspects of chronic care alongside innovation skills that will help you apply it to your work.

Especially in care for chronic diseases, successful healthcare depends on changing patients’ behaviour. We examine fundamental drivers of customer and patient behaviour and study best practices for communication strategies that help achieve public health outcomes. We also build understanding of the strategic forces that shape healthcare design and delivery in a national or regional system, and how strategic positions change over time.

Throughout the programme, a workshop format allows you to learn by doing. You will hone a core set of ‘discovery skills’ identified through award-winning INSEAD research on the world’s most innovative executives and companies. Our Innovator’s DNA® framework will help you identify and implement patient-focused services that actually work. You will practise using Renaissance innovation techniques, drawing upon INSEAD and Wharton research on idea tournaments and design thinking to promote innovation in your organisation.

How you benefit

  • Learn to innovate — Self-discovery and team-development skills for innovation
  • Apply learning immediately through a workshop approach — A workshop approach to implementing innovation as a systematic process
  • Develop a better understanding of patient needs — Design thinking techniques to better understand patient needs
  • Learn to communicate effectively with patients to achieve healthy changes in behaviour — Communication techniques to improve patient adoption of improved care models

Participant Profile

Strategic Innovation for Community Health is designed for leaders in primary care, public health or chronic disease care. It welcomes individuals from public sector, private and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who strive to improve the health and who want to have a real impact on the populations they serve. Successful candidates will have been trained as doctors, nurses, health educators or other health professionals who have subsequently become senior or high-potential managers in healthcare delivery organisations.

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