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Modern Governance in Banking


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For Improved Governance and Performance

In today’s global economy, the banking sector is under heavy scrutiny from regulators, shareholders and society, who are all searching for both improved governance and performance.Bank boards and senior executives must deliver performance while complying with stricter regulations, avoiding sanctions at all costs, and navigating risks in an environment that remains turbulent and unpredictable. Tensions are present of course in all sectors, but they are particularly severe in banking, where compliance and ethics, long-term versus short-term trade-offs, and product and organisational complexity abound. And if all this was not sufficient, digitalisation and fintech are expected to cause fundamental changes.

To navigate this most challenging environment, bank directors, supported by executives, need to review and update their corporate governance practices. They also need to shape their corporate culture going forward, anchoring it in both effective governance and performance.

All this is more easily stated than achieved. INSEAD, through its Corporate Governance Centre, has decided to support executives, directors and bank boards in this challenging environment by proposing a programme that focuses on how to execute effective governance in today’s unforgiving digital economy and allows participants to exchange views on their governance practices and challenges. INSEAD is already known for a number of offerings in banking, including the Strategic Management in Banking and the Risk Management in Banking programmes. In addition, it offers a leadership programme for the Interalpha consortium of banks. 

A collaborative effort

The programme is offered in partnership with the European Banking Federation. It is the result of a collaboration between Peter Nathanial, governance expert and former Group Chief Risk Officer at Royal Bank of Scotland, and Professor Ludo Van der Heyden, Academic Director of the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Co-Director of the INSEAD Directors Programme and INSEAD Executive Education.

How you benefit

  • Develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of corporate governance and the broader context in which banks operate
  • Learn about the inherent tensions and pitfalls associated with governance in the banking sector
  • Gain a clear understanding of the governance roles and responsibilities of bank board members and executives, and how they collaborate to execute their mandate
  • Learn how bank executives and directors can work effectively with external auditors, regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Prepare for and execute governance in times of crisis and distress
  • Grasp how to govern across multiple subsidiaries and geographies

Participant Profile

  • Board members /directors in banking
  • Senior bank executives with governance experience
  • Members of nomination committees
  • Auditors and legal counsels of financial institutions working with banks and their boards
  • Regulators and supervisors


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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