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Innovating Health for Tomorrow


Creative Thinking and Innovation in Healthcare

Innovating Health for Tomorrow is a pioneering professional development programme for senior managers in the fields of healthcare services. It is designed to equip participants to become more innovative – and to support those around them in becoming more innovative too. After all, today’s healthcare professionals face many challenges. Ageing populations, rising expectations, less healthy lifestyles, more chronic illness and the relentless march of science and technology in a constantly shifting economic landscape are just a few. 

In the face of such challenges, it is tempting to focus on rationing or to try and lower society’s expectations, or to simply try harder to be more efficient. However, the real solution is to innovate, not just by adding to the scientific or technological advances of old processes, but by finding new ways of doing things. It is time to develop more creative approaches to care and prevention that work for today’s needs, but are also sustainable for tomorrow.

How you benefit

  • Creativity and collaboration in healthcare innovation. Improve innovation skills and the ability to maximise the potential of staff
  • Create a tailored framework for implementation. Understand the special nature of service operations - and gain the appropriate tools to innovate in patient care or to rethink the health 'business model'
  • Develop an actionable plan. Learn how to implement measurable and sustainable improvements in patient care or community health

Participant Profile

The programme is designed for a cross-section of professionals who can influence healthcare at a regional, national or local level. Most participants are expected to hold senior executive and/or entrepreneurial positions in organisations.

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