Content Overview


Delivered over 3 weeks, Leadership in a Crisis is a multi-modular online programme that is designed to help you lead your organisation effectively through a crisis.



Module 1:

Crisis Leadership


  • Introduction
  • The Nature of Crisis
  • The S.E.C.U.R.E. Pathway and Framework
  • Stakeholders
  • Effective Leadership
  • Communication


Module 2:

Crisis Response


  • Unifying Priorities
  • Resources and Operations
  • Elevating the Future


Module 3:

Crisis Learnings


  • Understanding the Impact of a Crisis
  • Lessons from previous crises for critical stakeholders
  • Webinar Debrief: Crisis Simulation Exercise
  • Conclusion and Wrap-up

What is the S.E.C.U.R.E. Framework?






Effective Leadership




Unifying Priorities


Resources & Operations


Enact your Phoenix-Like Rebirth

Secure a deep relationship with your stakeholders

  • Engage Your Stakeholder Portfolio
  • Evaluate Stakeholder Impacts
  • Heighten Your Stakeholder Interaction
  • Give Stakeholders a Voice
  • Monitor Stakeholder Connection

Secure your mission leaders, teams and people

  • Establish Mission Control
  • Unleash the Mission Control Leadership Team
  • Sustain Leadership as a Dialogue
  • Employ Different Leadership Altitudes
  • Role Model “Urgent Calm” Leadership Behaviours
Secure your lines of effective engagement
  • Three Golden Rules for Crisis Messaging
  • Over-communicate with Credibility
  • Stakeholder Centred Communication
  • Make it Meaningful
  • Coordinate all Communication

Secure your mission, purpose and goals

  • Commit to Urgent and Clear Short-Term Goals
  • Priorities for Effectiveness
  • Annunciate Decision Rights, Expectations and Incentives
  • Deploy Mission Execution Teams
  • Share Information Transparently

Secure your mission’s cash and business activities

  • Protect Liquidity and Cash
  • Corralling Bottlenecks
  • Reoptimise Product/Service Flows
  • Seek New Partners
  • Embrace External Assistance

Secure your post-crisis surge

  • Become a “Phoenix- Like“ Leader
  • Hone your Insightfulness
  • Practice Phoenix-Like Leadership Habits
  • Plan for Rebirth in Horizons
  • Put Your Rebirth into Overdrive


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