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Leadership in a Crisis: S.E.C.U.R.E your Future

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Develop a 'Phoenix-Like' Mindset as a Leader

The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge shock to global communities and the global economy. The early warning signals are everywhere - dramatic reduction in consumption in many key industries, steep depreciation of currencies, fractured global supply chains and severe liquidity problems for businesses and consumers alike, together with volatile financial markets. In short, the pandemic is morphing from a health pandemic to an existential crisis for consumers, employees, businesses and economies across the world. 

The key challenge for organisations in coping with this crisis is having leaders who are prepared to lead their organisations and employees in a time of crisis - and then preparing themselves for the surge post-crisis.

Leadership in a Crisis is an online programme that helps identify the key stakeholders in an organisation's ecosystem, their critical challenges in the crisis situation and their implications for messaging and actions. The programme articulates the key requirements for effective leadership in the mission control room during a crisis, and more importantly highlights the necessity of extending the leadership mindset beyond the immediacy of the crisis, to imagine a new world of possibilities post-crisis.

How you benefit

  • Engage your stakeholder portfolio and heighten your interactions
  • Enhance your crisis messaging and develop stakeholder-centric communication skills
  • Effectively lead a mission control leadership team
  • Develop avenues for protecting liquidity and create business opportunities
  • Become a "Phoenix-Like" leader

Participant profile

Leadership in a Crisis is designed for:

  • Executives in leadership positions at all levels looking to lead their organisations effectively through a crisis

What is the S.E.C.U.R.E. Framework?






Effective Leadership




Unifying Priorities


Resources & Operations


Enact your Phoenix-Like Rebirth

Secure a deep relationship with your stakeholders

  • Engage Your Stakeholder Portfolio
  • Evaluate Stakeholder Impacts 
  • Heighten Your Stakeholder Interaction 
  • Give Stakeholders a Voice 
  • Monitor Stakeholder Connection

Secure your mission leaders, teams and people

  • Establish Mission Control
  • Unleash the Mission Control Leadership Team 
  • Sustain Leadership as a Dialogue  
  • Employ Different Leadership Altitudes 
  • Role Model “Urgent Calm” Leadership Behaviours
Secure your lines of effective engagement
  • Three Golden Rules for Crisis Messaging
  •  Over-communicate with Credibility
  • Stakeholder Centred Communication 
  • Make it Meaningful 
  • Coordinate all Communication

Secure your mission, purpose and goals

  • Commit to Urgent and Clear Short-Term Goals
  • Priorities for Effectiveness
  • Annunciate Decision Rights, Expectations and Incentives
  • Deploy Mission Execution Teams
  • Share Information Transparently

Secure your mission’s cash and business activities

  • Protect Liquidity and Cash
  • Corralling Bottlenecks
  • Reoptimise Product/Service Flows
  • Seek New Partners
  • Embrace External Assistance

Secure your post-crisis surge

  • Become a “Phoenix- Like“ Leader 
  • Hone your Insightfulness 
  • Practice Phoenix-Like Leadership Habits 
  • Plan for Rebirth in Horizons 
  • Put Your Rebirth into Overdrive

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