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Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times


Sarper Arslan

Sarper Arslan shares how Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times programme gave him a completely different point of view on corporate culture.

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Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at your organisation?

I have been working at Hugo Boss since 1999 and acting as a Senior Head of Corporate Services. My main responsibilities are to create a competitive edge to the company by strategic project management, machinery technology development and product development activities.

Can you talk a little about your personal development goals?

I have been in fashion business more than 23 years. Fashion is a seasonally demand driven business and has a high volatility. In order to manage these complex and unpredictable situation, I would like to invest myself especially in strategy development, innovation and leadership

How did you come across the programme?

I already completed two programmes at INSEAD - Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption and Innovation in the Age of Disruption.  Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times programme was recommended by INSEAD as a complementary of the package

Why you choose an INSEAD online programme?

INSEAD online programmes have very structured and profound impact. As a participant you could combine theory with real cases and then reflect on your own project.

What were your learning objectives for the programme?

To dive in theory and digest the essentials. Then combining this abstract with real life cases.

What were the highlights of the learning?

Leadership is not all about instinctive attribute. Handling in terms of Decision, Change, Political and Cultural Challenge is a very powerful tool for business transformation projects.

Can you tell us a bit more about your ALP?

My ALP was based on transforming corporate service departments in order to create more value adding to Hugo Boss brand in general.

Can you tell us a bit more about your learning coach?

Coaching was the best part of the programme. We discussed a lot the learnings, but also how to transform them in real cases.

Did you gain new skills after the programme? And what skills?

Now I know a completely different point of view especially on corporate culture. Also I focused more on building up allies and coalitions in big corporations like Hugo Boss.

Did you implement your ALP back at work? 

My ALP is still in-progress thanks to INSEAD, evolving day by day into a better situation. I have discussed my ALP with Top Management and it had been used as the basis in Strategy Summit.

What was your overall learning experience and were you satisfied with the outcomes?

Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times programme was the hardest among all three, because of high sophistication level regarding leadership. I am highly satisfied with the outcomes.

What is your view on online learning in general?

Online learning platforms will be the main pillar for lifelong learning experience. The participant can set the speed of pace upon personal learning approach.

Would you recommend INSEAD online programmes to your peers?

Absolutely, I recommend INSEAD online programmes to peers, especially to the executives who want to invest in themselves and to update themselves with current trends.


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