Application Process


Similar to our face-to-face programmes, we have an application and admission process in place for our online programmes to ensure a diverse and motivated group of participants for a rich learning experience. It is important for all participants that the programme brings together participants with an adequate level of general-management experience, professional expertise and business responsibility.

The application form asks prospective participants questions around their professional background and motivations to join the programme. Admissions are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, taking into consideration the applicant’s fit for the programme, his or her learning objectives, potential contribution to the programme and the diversity within the class.

Some open programmes also involve an interview with the programme director as part of the application process. The programme advisor and admissions committee will be able to advise if an interview is necessary when you submit your application.

We recommend that you submit your completed application as early as possible, preferably six weeks prior to programme commencement. The admissions committee will review your application and advise you on the outcome as soon as possible. 

Absolutely, and we actually encourage participants to attend in teams in order to maximise the learning and impact. We also offer a special reduction fee for groups of executives attending from the same organisation, so please feel free to contact us for more details. 

Programme specific


Developing Emerging Leaders is designed to help emerging leaders adapt to the challenges faced by organisations in a fast-paced digital environment. It will equip you with the skills needed to lead yourself – and then translate that knowledge into leading others and forming effective team collaborations in the digital age.

The programme is designed for:

  • Professionals across industries who are progressing from being in an individual contributor role to leading a team of individual performers
  • Emerging leaders who are having to adapt to the demands of managing people and forming collaborations in a fast-changing digital environment

Our diversity is our distinguishing feature. INSEAD is probably the only school where you will find 30 nationalities in the same class. Just like our face-to-face programmes, this programme will include participants from all industry backgrounds and nationalities, with one common thread binding them together – a goal to learn about the topics being discussed, interact with fellow participants to acquire a global perspective and develop tools to take back and apply to their everyday work.

With so many different national and cultural perspectives to learn from, you really will start to see things differently. By challenging your old assumptions, you will become aware of new possibilities and start to understand how very different people think.

Our online programmes, like our face-to-face programmes, follow a rigorous learning process. Participants are expected to fulfil a certain minimum criteria to earn the Certificate of Completion.

As the participants progress through the programme, reviewing the weekly content, they earn points for each activity. The participants need to have earned a certain minimum number of points at the end of the programme. In addition, participants are also required to submit a final assignment related to the Action-learning Project at the end of the programme, and earn a minimum grade on it, which is assessed via the peer-review.

Successful completion of individual activities AND a minimum grade on the final assignment will earn the participants a certificate of completion at the end of the programme. The top performers, assessed on the basis of their scores and active participation in the learning community, will earn a Certificate with Distinction.  

No, this programme is not eligible for the Certificate in Global Management.


Learning Experience


The programme should take approximately 4-6 hours, and potentially may entail up to 2 additional hours/week to complete Action Learning Projects (ALPs). You can expect to devote 1-2 hours per week watching video lectures on fundamental concepts, 1 hour per week on interacting with fellow participants in discussions or reflecting on the concepts through quizzes and reflections, and 2-3 hours per week in applying the fundamental concepts in an ALP to understand their relevance to your everyday work. 

Le programme est conçu pour que toute la classe apprenne ensemble, à un certain rythme d’une semaine sur l’autre, tout en offrant suffisamment de souplesse chaque semaine pour que les participants étudient le contenu à leur gré.

Le programme comporte 7 semaines de contenu. Le contenu de chaque semaine est publié le vendredi, et vous avez deux semaines pour étudier le contenu d’une semaine donnée. Au-delà de ce délai, vous ne pourrez plus gagner de points pour la semaine en question. Si, par exemple, la Semaine 1 démarre le vendredi 1er juillet, vous aurez jusqu’au dimanche 17 juillet pour visionner ce contenu de la Semaine 1. A la fin de la dernière semaine de formation, vous aurez deux semaines de plus pour terminer le Travail Final, l’Action Learning Project, et pour les Peer Reviews.

Lorsqu’une semaine de contenu a été lancée, vous pouvez vous connecter à tout moment, et étudier le contenu hebdomadaire à votre propre rythme, car la conception de la formation est asynchrone. De temps à autre, les enseignants peuvent organiser une conference téléphonique, à des horaires déterminés, et vous devrez être en ligne à ce moment-là. Ces conférences téléphoniques sont normalement organisées au cours de l’après-midi (CET) pour convenir au plus grand nombre possible de participants du monde entier. Nous enregistrerons également ces discussions pour les participants qui n’auront pu y participer directement à la session.

No. The programme is fully online and is a mix of asynchronous learning (through videos, quizzes, discussions, projects etc) and live online interactions with fellow participants, learning coach and faculty.

Yes, of course. We purposefully limit class sizes to ensure ample faculty-to-participant time. At a minimum, participants can expect at least one live call with the faculty to discuss course content. In addition, the faculty would be reading your comments in the discussion forums in the platform from time to time and answering your questions through periodic just-in-time recorded videos. The faculty would be further assisted in these interactions by the learning coach, acting as a bridge between the participants and the faculty. 

Yes, of course. The learning experience is designed to encourage interaction and simulate as close an experience to face-to-face as possible. Participants would be able to interact with each other through discussion forums, interspersed throughout the platform. In addition, participants would have the option to work on the Action-Learning Project in groups with fellow participants. They would also have the opportunity to interact with each other during the live call with faculty. 

At INSEAD, you never learn alone. To bring this notion alive in the online setting, we have built a learning community comprising of the participants, the faculty and the learning coach. The learning coach plays an integral part in stimulating content discussions, encouraging collaboration between participants as well as guiding the participants closely in the design of their action-learning project.

A learning coach is available throughout the whole programme to help move the discussion forward and exchange with each participant as well as to support them with the learning. Participants can share their learning objectives with the learning coach at the start of the programme, who will follow their progress until the end of the programme.

The learning platform has a leaderboard, which constantly updates the top performers of the programme based on their performance and earned points within the programme. Typically, these participants are the ones who are not only actively engaging in watching the video lectures, but also actively interact in the discussion forums with fellow participants as well as earn high-scores on the quizzes in the programme. 



Upon successful completion of all programme activities combined with satisfactory grades on the final assignment, participants are awarded with an official Certificate of Completion from INSEAD, which they can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile. The top performers will receive a Certificate with Distinction.

In addition, we will also invite you to be a part of an ongoing learning community for all participants of the online programme, details of which will be shared at the end of the programme.

Technical Queries


INSEAD Online Programmes can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 
Currently supported browsers (usually based on support of latest two browser versions) are:

Chrome: version 31+
Safari: version 7+
Firefox: version 26+
E: version 10+

The application uses modern web development approaches (HTML 5) so that it can function responsively across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones without the need of players or add-ons like adobe flash player. 

Yes. At the moment we do not support offline access of content so you will need to have access to the Internet whenever you want to access the programme content.


Yes. The entire content of the programme is available to you up to 6 months from the beginning of the programme.

Payment Process



Payment to this programme is online. Please click on 'Submit', then click on 'Payment' to proceed with your payment and application submission. Your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee, and we will notify you over the coming weeks of the outcome. Applicants who are unsuccessful in their application will be contacted and will receive full reimbursement of the fee paid.

The Client may cancel the Application Form by giving INSEAD written notice at any time to the INSEAD Executive Education Department.
If the Client cancels the Application Form before the content of the first week is released no cancellation fee shall apply. If the Client Cancels the Application Form after the content of the first week is released, the Client shall be liable to pay INSEAD 100% of the cost of Tuition fee.



If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.


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