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Here is a sample of what participants say about their experience taking an INSEAD online programme.

It was staggering just how quickly my coach understood the context of my work challenges and give me pointers that were always absolutely bang on the money. Our work together really motivated me to come back and share feedback on my process. It’s a dynamic that brings something so real into the learning process: you go beyond the concepts and the best practices and bring out the real application.

Will Adcock, Global Head of Software Partnerships
dunnhumby, UK

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I’m more than satisfied with the programme – I would sign up to another INSEAD online programme in a heartbeat. It’s hard to imagine an online learning experience that can keep you fully engaged and motivated over several weeks, but the BDPE does just that. I’ve come away with a roadmap for leveraging digital to innovation to help me create services that can either replace or complement my products – and this is far more than I went into the programme expecting to achieve. As a training for forward-thinking executives, this programme hits the nail on the head every time.

Marc-Alexander Winter, Global Head of Service Portfolio in Business Transformation
SAP, Germany

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Before I started the programme I wasn’t sure how the programme was going to deliver the kind of interactive dynamic I was looking for. But in fact, exchanging with my peers and with faculty was incredibly easy. I loved the way classes were segmented around clear building blocks. The entire programme was organised around logical progression, integrating theory with practical and highly applicable tools and the key things to take into consideration in order to succeed.

Ingrid Christolomme, Branding & Marketing International Director
Geneva Public Transport, Switzerland

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I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the BDPE. It’s so well structured and the ALP assignments really encourage to build pace and drive forward momentum. If there’s one extra thing I would recommend it is to start your own study group within the programme. It’s fun, and it’s a terrifically effective way to bounce ideas and to leverage all the benefits of coaching. You get so much more out of it.

Marjorie Beaugad, Digital Innovation Lead
Sanofi, Hong Kong

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You really feel like you’re right there in the classroom with the professor. The online format doesn’t compromise quality in any way. You get everything you would expect from INSEAD in terms of theory, relevant business cases and practical takeaways, with all the flexibility to juggle a tight agenda. I could watch videos and work on my ALP when it best suited me to do so.

Tanja Eigenmann, Director / Head Global UHNWI Marketing Programs
Credit Suisse, Switzerland

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I am a learning evangelist. I believe in the power of learning and highly recommend to take advantage of the abundant online learning opportunities that are available. For anyone who is seeking to evolve and equip themselves with skills for the future, this goes without saying!

Maria Salabuga, Principal Consultant at Allianz,

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Great course theme, superb brand value, awesome professor, fantastic interface, smart candidates, thought provoking discussions - delivered at your convenience!

Rachit Khosla, Manager
Industrial Growth Platform Inc, Singapore



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