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b2b marketing for impact

High risk, large transactions, diverse channels, multiple stakeholders, tough negotiations, strategic alliances, intensive relationship building – B2B marketing involves complex challenges that are constantly changing. In five intensive days of content, discussion and practice, AIMS: Advanced Industrial Marketing Strategy helps you develop strategies and skills that can be applied as soon as you return to work.

Focused, intensive and creative, AIMS helps marketing executives update and push forward their thinking on key strategies including segmentation, pricing, branding and market positioning.


How you benefit

  • Gain insight. Gain insight into the management of your product portfolio.
  • Improve customer and supplier relationships. Improve customer and supplier relationships by strategically segmenting marketing actions.
  • Benchmark and network. Benchmark and network with other B2B marketing executives.
  • Test your ideas. Test your ideas in a no-risk environment using our INDUSTRAT simulation.


Participant Profile

AIMS is designed for seasoned executives who already have marketing management experience and who work for corporations engaged in marketing and sales to other companies or institutions.

The programme is also designed for senior general managers who need to understand strategic business-to-business marketing in order to work effectively with their own marketing specialists. In addition, it is suitable for senior managers from other disciplines who have recently gained B2B marketing responsibilities.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

which Marketing and sales programme is for you?


We offer a variety of Marketing and Sales programmes. From high potentials to general managers to senior leaders, our programmes support executives through the key transitions of their careers. View the grid below to find out which Marketing and Sales programme best matches your needs.

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