Strategic Leadership in Africa


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Strategic Perspectives and Leadership Development for African Executives

Succeeding in Africa’s rapidly evolving business environment requires strategic vision, exceptional leadership skills, and the confidence to manage continuous change. Markets on the continent are becoming increasingly integrated while the global economy becomes more volatile, policy uncertainties pose continual challenges, and organisations must reevaluate their approaches in the face of changing technologies and diversifying workforces.

To help their teams and firms thrive in these shifting landscapes, African business leaders must gain new perspectives, hone their strategic insights, and improve their ability to develop and manage high-performing teams.

Strategic Leadership in Africa is designed for African executives seeking relevant, practical insights for navigating these changes. This unique programme integrates cutting-edge insights into leadership and team-building with deep knowledge, experience and research on the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Africa.

Participants will leave the programme with skills and insights that will help them think more broadly about strategy, context, and risk-management - in their own countries and across the continent - as well as with enhanced leadership skills for building and managing high-performing teams and organisations.

How you benefit

  • Develop a profound understanding of the competitive context and business environment in Africa
  • Enhance your leadership skills and ability to work in and run high-performing teams
  • Gain practical insights and immediately apply them to challenges within your organisation
  • Benefit from peer-to-peer support and networking opportunities
  • Learn from real cases studies of African business, gaining new insights from the authors and new perspectives from other participants
  • Deepen your learning with optional opportunities to review (or learn) topics in economics and finance

Participant profile

The programme is well suited for executives who have been successful in a narrower set of countries or functional areas and are now expanding their focus to include multiple functional areas, sectors, countries, or regions on the continent.

It is also highly appropriate for decision-makers managing transition processes at state-owned enterprises, and for the founders of established entrepreneurial ventures.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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