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Making Distance and Diversity your Competitive Advantages

How do managers organise globally dispersed teams? How do they build trust when their team members work together but not face to face? Which techniques bridge cultural, linguistic and geographical distances, not to mention time zones? When do cultural differences produce creativity rather than crossed wires? Above all, how can distance and diversity be turned into competitive advantage?

These are the key questions that Managing Global Virtual Teams tackles. A one-of-a-kind, action-based programme, you learn how to manage geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams and achieve maximum impact. Through simulations, frameworks, video-taped exercises and group coaching, you develop the ability to design and manage a global team in a way that encourages collaboration, improves intra-team communication, builds cohesion and leverages your team’s cultural diversity.

How you benefit

  • Benefit as one cohesive team: Gain from the unique benefits that global teams can bring to international organisations when designed and managed effectively.
  • Maximise the performance of your global virtual team: Develop the ability to implement strategies that increase collaboration, trust and team effectiveness for optimal performance.
  • Handle diversity issues effectively: Create processes to overcome barriers that typically arise with global teams stemming from language and time differences.
  • Benchmark your individual leadership style: Successfully manage team members from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.


Participant Profile

Participants are usually managers who lead teams of at least five people dispersed across two or more countries.

The programme assumes experience of management and team building in general, focusing instead on the precise challenges of working across national boundaries and geographical distances. Participants come from a wide variety of functional, industry and national backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: the challenge of Managing Global Virtual Teams.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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