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Management Skills for International Business is a five-day programme designed specifically for managers who conduct business internationally or are posted abroad. The programme’s cross-cultural learning environment is also ideal if you are transitioning from national to international leadership roles or would like to improve your ability to lead effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

Topics are studied under the following headings.


Understanding global organisations

  • The challenges that companies experience when moving from local to international to global, including how to be both locally responsive and internationally integrated
  • Why and how companies put in place multi-dimensional work structures, like the ever-popular matrix system – and the practical implications for managers


Global leadership

  • The differences between the skill sets required for effective local and global leadership
  • The specific leadership challenges that come with leading in multi-dimensional structures
  • Tools to increase effectiveness at managing within a matrix or other complex organisational format


management techniques

  • How culture impacts business effectiveness – and from there how to develop tools to influence clients, suppliers and colleagues from a variety of countries
  • Understanding cultural differences, the skills to manage those differences effectively and the knowledge to navigate in complex multi-cultural situations
  • How the most effective leaders and companies leverage cultural differences as team and organisational assets


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