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Enhance your cross-cultural management skills


In today’s global business landscape, you probably have to manage teams, suppliers, partners and customers in different countries. With the likelihood that you are dealing in a multi-cultural environment whether within your organisation or abroad, our Management Skills for International Business programme enhances your cross-cultural leadership competence.

Building on INSEAD’s distinctively international research reputation and teaching expertise, the Management Skills for International Business develops an understanding of cultural differences, the skills to manage internationally, and the knowledge to navigate the complexities of international organisations.

After five intensive days with your peer group from all over the world, you will not only gain insights into decoding cultural differences but also return to work with enhanced ability to lead effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

How you benefit

  • Gain a more open outlook: Improve your communication across different cultures.
  • Create more influence across borders: Build the confidence to influence clients, suppliers and colleagues from a variety of countries.
  • Enhance your ability to adapt: Benchmark your individual management style against preferences from around the world – and learn to adapt accordingly.
  • Lead across cultures: Learn how to lead across international matrix systems and other organisational structures.

Participant Profile

Participants are usually: senior managers currently (or about to be) posted abroad; executives based at headquarters who manage (or are about to manage) international activities; or managers in charge of international outsourcing activities, international sales or cross-border M&As.

This programme is also invaluable for executives in companies that have been successful nationally and are now moving into other countries, as well as managers in public organisations or government agencies with international activities.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

which leadership programme is for you?


INSEAD's variety of Leadership programmes help you to develop new skills and self-awareness to influence and inspire those around you. And in today's increasingly international business environment, you also need to adapt your skills and self-awareness to lead across cultures and borders. View the At a Glance grid below to find out which Leadership programme best matches your needs.

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