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Content Overview


Participants will become acquainted with the underlying principle of propriety* and a method of integrative reasoning. They will learn, discuss, and apply a set of core substantive principles of progress. Each principle will be illustrated with concrete examples and explored in contemporary situations.

Beyond presenting substantive principles (the ‘what’ of integrating performance and progress), Integrating Performance and Progress will also propose a set of procedural (‘how’) principles to address implementation obstacles and challenges.

*Propriety is a standard of conduct that can withstand relevant moral scrutiny.




  • How do we define performance?
  • What explains high performance?
  • Why is performance necessary yet not sufficient in sustaining trust in business?



  • How do we define societal progress and what is the role of business in contributing to it?
  • Why is the action of government insufficient?
  • In which enterprise choices and actions does progress lie?
  • How to manage trade-offs between performance and progress?
  • How much performance/ progress is enough?



All organisations (regardless of size, sector,or geography) make decisions and choices on 3 core dimensions: strategy, operations, and governance. These after all are the key dimensions on which enterprises build and sustain their performance.

It stands to reason therefore that it is along these same dimensions that business leaders must enact the principles of progress so as to integrate performance and progress.

The programme will culminate in small group meetings facilitated by professional philosophers. This working session is the opportunity for each participant to share and make headway on a specific performance and progress dilemma in their own organisation.

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