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Business as a force for good

Capitalism and business have spread to the far corners of the globe and the results have been impressive. Yet, today, contradiction is in the air. Absolute poverty has declined but relative poverty has risen. The digital dividend seems real but so too does the digital divide. Energy is more abundant, yet year after year climate related costs and concerns rise. The labour force grows but labour share in total income declines. Health care budgets rise but health itself seems to decline. Economics still favours openness but politics is more ambivalent and more national.

It is against that broad political-economic context that to succeed in the 21st century, enterprises will have to better and more systematically integrate economic performance and societal progress.

Integrating Performance and Progress is one of the first programmes for business leaders that explicitly incorporates moral and social philosophy in its core and that aims to help leaders integrate business models with business morals. The programme addresses the growing reality that many of today’s emerging business dilemmas are socio-philosophical (rather than just techno-economic) in nature.

How you benefit

  • Review what drives performance and when and why it can run counter to progress
  • Learn about the essence of societal progress. Understand how enterprise strategy, operations, and governance are the touch points through which business leaders can integrate performance and progress
  • Understand the principles of progress and comprehend the relevance of the philosophical notion of propriety* in your evolution as a reflective business leader
  • Develop an actionable approach to better integrate performance and progress within your organisation by partnering with a professional philosopher
  • Anticipate and learn how to address the implementation challenges within your organisation and industry
  • Move beyond traditional CSR (corporate social responsibility) and construct a proactive, credible, and trust-deepening way forward.

*Propriety is a standard of conduct that can withstand relevant moral scrutiny.

Participant profile

This programme is designed for senior leaders who want to comprehend and clarify how they may better integrate enterprise performance and societal progress in their organisation.

  • Typical participants include heads of businesses, heads of functions, board members, family business owners, and entrepreneurs
  • Applicants will ideally have authority and autonomy over a business or function, and, where relevant, be nominated by the head of their organisation.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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