Join us for this 1 hour webinar when Professor Charles Galunic, programme director for INSEAD LEAD, will discuss the topic of Ambidextrous Organisations: Managing Contradictions in Business Life.

Contradictions are a part of business life; We need near-term focus to survive in the present and we need time to dream and experiment to survive in the future. These modes of operating, and the horizons they require in our perspective, are very different. During this webinar Professor Charles Galunic will take a brief look at the nature of this conundrum, and will share at least the outlines of a framework for coping with these extremes, as well as materials you can then explore to gather more insights.



Charles Galunic
INSEAD LEAD Programme Director
The Aviva Chaired Professor of Leadership and Responsibility
Alexander MacDougald
Marketing and Partnerships Manager, INSEAD Executive Education
Lorenzo Ferdinands
Programme Advisor, INSEAD Executive Education

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