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M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme

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"INSEAD's M&As and Corporate Strategy is quite unique and stood out from other M&A programmes available. It has a programmatic approach built on strategy unlike other programmes which are more accounting-focused." 

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Can you please introduce yourself?

I lead the Global Sales and Business Development team of CISCO's Service Provider Division specifically in a segment called “Internet of Everything”. I have been with CISCO for 10 years, previously in the US but moved to the UAE and have been based in Dubai for the past 8 years. 

What were the challenges in your current organisation which led you to attend this programme?

My role is mainly focused on B2B and a lot of large organisations we have been dealing with are relying on the start-up and incubation ecosystems for acquisition. The M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme is very pertinent to my role as I work closely with the company's Corporate Development team which execute the acquisitions. We had some alignment challenges with some of these acquisitions and obviously we felt responsible for taking the new acquisitions to market and integrating them within the wider CISCO community. 

What were some of your key takeaways from the programme?

Learning more about M&A’s and understanding the complexities of how it relates to the overall corporate strategy is the primary reason I was interested in this comprehensive programme offered by INSEAD. The programme has a strong foundation of how the post-merger integration works - taking into account the cultural differences, looking at the business management and programme management aspects - not only from the financial and accounting perspective. 

Would you recommend the programme?

The professors did a very good job given the timeframe of the programme and I will definitely recommend it to others. In fact, I managed to initiate an incubation programme within CISCO to bring in new start-ups based on a programmatic approach which is definitely something that was instigated because of the programme. 

Overall, I was very satisfied with the M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme. We had a great calibre of individuals from a wide range of industries – pharmaceutical, construction and more. INSEAD made a very good impression and it was an enjoyable experience.


For more information, follow the link to the programme page INSEAD's M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme.

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