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INSEAD Participant Interview

Matthew Ensor, Past Participant of AMP, Shares his Experience During the Programme

Matthew Ensor

Business Director - Advisory
Beca, New Zealand

Matthew Ensor is a former participant of the Advanced Management Programme. He discusses his experience on the programme and how it helped transform his thinking and develop his strengths.


“What got you here probably won’t get you there, and might not even keep you here”. This expression was one that really stood out to me during my time at INSEAD. Despite its slightly negative undertone, it holds a very powerful message – the essential need to learn new skills and the importance of continually critiquing existing skills and judgement.

With INSEAD’s Advanced Management Programme, I learnt more than just new skills. The programme changed not only my approach and thinking towards business, but also fundamentally identified and addressed aspects of my personality and strengths that I never would have otherwise seen reason to adjust.

The programme has influenced my underlying approach to decision-making. Where my preference had always been to make considered business decisions based on all the information I could find – a safe, sensible and tried and true approach that managers the world over continue to rely on – Advanced Management Programme emphasised that with moving up the ladder comes a need for making decisions quickly, intuitively and effectively with perhaps conflicting or ambiguous information.

For me, the true discovery was that many executives make those intuitive decisions heavily based on their past experiences. If the world has changed, then your experience of the past is less relevant. In business, we are fundamentally driven by the idea of risk for reward. For me, that reward in the context of Advanced Management Programme was a fundamental rewriting of how I see the world. I learnt as much outside of the classroom as I did within it, through sharing and engaging with real stories from real executives who were struggling with challenges that I hadn’t even encountered yet!

Advanced Management Programme has dramatically amplified the ways in which I can now contribute to my company and colleagues. I underwent a dramatic personal change both in myself and my approach to business through my journey with the programme. After four weeks, I left without any doubt that I would deliver that investment back to my company within a few months and would continue to do so for a decade to come. That reflects the true value of INSEAD’s Advanced Management Programme.


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