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INSEAD Global Leadership Centre is a unique institution within one of the world’s leading business schools. We aspire to deliver the best leadership development experience of any leadership centre in the world. The foundation of this ambition is impactful services and products rooted in rigorous research from a dedicated community of scholars and leadership development professionals.

We believe that effective leadership development starts with self-awareness. This helps our clients make their leadership personal, so that they become the best leaders they can be. We then help translate personal change into organisational change. Leadership development, in other words, involves personal change, but it also involves helping leaders to change their organisations. In today’s fast-changing environment, it is absolutely critical that leaders distribute important leadership tasks to wherever the best information and capabilities reside in their team and organisation.

This is where INSEAD Global Leadership Centre excels. By helping individual leaders understand how they can distribute leadership throughout the ranks, we help them create not only organisations that are more adaptive and innovative, but also organisations that offer meaning and dignity to their members.

Henrik Bresman
Academic Director, INSEAD Global Leadership Centre
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

our mission, our activities


Our mission is to develop reflective leaders who create results-driven, adaptive and innovative organisations by putting people first.

We deliver 115+ leadership development programmes or modules per year at degree and Executive Education level. Every session is guided by our philosophy of closely integrating spaces for action and spaces for reflection to achieve the maximum impact. We work across all three INSEAD campuses: Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. INSEAD Global Leadership Centre faculty and coaches also travel throughout the world to deliver company-specific learning. In addition, we offer follow-up sessions remotely using a variety of technologies from simple phone calls to customised social media and webinar platforms.


Leadership development sessions

These include group and/or individual coaching – with a practice-focused perspective. Among the services we offer are: experiential learning and leadership simulations; action learning and project support; outdoor group dynamics; fully facilitated indoor group work; and traditional classroom sessions and case study analysis.


and simulations 

We design and implement innovative assessment instruments and simulations – all based on our own research – to measure and build skills, personality and culture. We combine these with coaching for maximum impact.


Original research into leadership development

Much of this is based on the uniquely rich bank of data we have collected through using our own interactive assessment instruments.

leadership development
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exceptional LEADERSHIP development coaches


The INSEAD Global Leadership Centre is well known for the quality and diversity of its coaches. Our 100+ multi-cultural expert leadership coaches, resident in 20+ countries and working worldwide are all carefully selected for their expertise in individual coaching. In addition our pioneering group-coaching techniques – developed especially for executives to learn from and support each other –make us really stand out when it comes to leadership development.

have experience at C-suite or board level
have held a senior HR Position
have lived and worked abroad
speak at least two languages
are women

Our methods

Since the creation of the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre in 2003, we have coached more than 20,000 executives and we typically work with more than 3,400 participants a year.

Our Research

INSEAD’s research reputation matches its status as one of the world's foremost business schools – and leadership is one of our greatest research strengths. Based on our client interactions, we discover further research questions to explore. Research, programme design and teaching thus combine to result in a self-reinforcing virtuous cycle created within our world-class community of scholars, coaches, and practitioners.
More than 30 of INSEAD’s renowned faculty members currently contribute to the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre. Our founder Professor Manfred Kets de Vries pioneered the academic study of leadership. In addition, Professor Herminia Ibarra, winner of the Thinkers 50 Leadership Award, and Professors Charles Galunic, Michael Jarrett, and Gianpiero Petriglieri are among our contributing faculty. Along with several colleagues, they are some of the leading names in the field right now.
The INSEAD Global Leadership Centre also acts as an interdisciplinary centre for research excellence in leadership within the school, bringing together professors of entrepreneurship, marketing, technology and operations management, and strategy, as well as organisational behaviour.
Our research outputs are many and varied. They include books and articles in top journals. But we are perhaps most proud of the research that feeds into the creation of our practice-focused products, including simulations, assessment instruments, exercises, and coaching processes.

Who we are


At the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre, we believe that effective leaders contribute to the creation of sustainable organisations that are great places to work. Our outlook is that the ways leaders deal with their people and the type of organisational culture they create, are the real and enduring sources of competitive advantage.  Click here to meet the team.



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