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In today's action-driven, 24/7, email-overloaded workplace, leaders are expected to act and react more quickly than ever before.

INSEAD Executive Coaching conducts scientific research to discover new ways to help individuals deal with challenging real-life leadership situations. Our research is grounded in academic scholarship, yet offers practical relevance for today's leaders.

Your contribution today could make a difference in tomorrow's management and leadership programmes. The findings from our study will be used to create practical leadership development tools that will enable us to further improve our programmes such as the Management Acceleration Programme and other leadership development programmes.

This study is open to INSEAD alumni only. The success of the study will depend greatly on alumni input and involvement, and as a valued member of the INSEAD alumni community, we would like to ask you to consider participating in the study.

To show our appreciation, you will receive a personalised leadership feedback report at the end of the study. This feedback report will be generated based on your unique responses and will contain a detailed assessment of your leadership profile. Use this feedback report to gain insights about your personal leadership style and helpful tips for developing your effectiveness as a leader!

The Study


To participate in this study, you will first complete an initial personality survey. Then, over the course of a month, you will receive an email at the end of each work week with leadership insights and a link to a webpage where you will be given a chance to reflect on your week. After the one month period, you will complete a final self-assessment. At this point, you will nominate a subordinate working under you and a same-ranked peer to complete a short assessment of your leadership. With your full participation, you will receive a personalised leadership feedback report at the end of the study. Below is an overview of what the study involves.


Personality Assessment

At the start of the study, complete a ten-minute personality assessment


Weekly reflection & Leadership Tips in your inbox

During the study, receive an email at the end of each work week with leadership insights and complete a ten-minute reflection on your week


Final Self-assessment

At the end of the study, complete a five-minute self-assessment. Also, nominate your subordinate and peer to assess your leadership


Receive a personalised Leadership Feedback Report

With your full participation, you will receive a leadership feedback report
which you can use to gain insights into and reflect on your leadership profile


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If you have any questions about this project, please email the IEC Research Team.


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