Successful Strategies in Disrupted Times

The programme is modular

Successful Strategies in Disrupted Times

The COVID-19 global pandemic is creating waves of digital disruption across the world. Businesses are forced to re-think, and even accelerate, their approach to digital disruption. Now more than ever, you need to leverage digital transformation to secure your competitive advantage, enhance performance and ensure your business remains sustainable and agile in this ever-changing environment.

Successful Strategies in Disrupted Times will help you leverage the power of digital to develop compelling value propositions that help turn a threat into an opportunity. You will explore the strategic tools, concepts and perspectives that will allow you to develop and execute a strategic response to new digital possibilities, both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over three half-day sessions, the programme will address the following areas:

Session 1: Adapt to your Changing Environment

  • Understand the waves of digital disruption transforming business and evaluate the extent to which these digital trends are being amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Embrace the strategic imperative of adapting your organisation to its fast changing external environment
  • Understand the key pillars of digital transformation of organisations and their relevance for today’s highly uncertain business context

Session 2: Forge a Compelling Value Proposition

  • Leverage digital technologies to drive a leap in value creation that meets shifting consumer needs cost effectively, turning threats into opportunities
  • Identify and leverage positive feedback (where success breeds success) to position your business for sustained value capture
  • Incorporate the increasing importance of social value into your strategies

Session 3: Pursue Agile Strategy Execution

  • Map your value proposition into the key activities and underlying resources your organisation will need to execute on your vision while speeding execution through strategic partnerships
  • Navigate today’s extreme uncertainty by embracing a continuous strategy process that integrates formulation and execution
  • Anticipate and avoid common traps and pitfalls in executing digital strategies

In addition to the interactive lectures and group discussions, the programme will equip you with a system of strategy canvases to help assure your learning is actionable. Working through the canvases during and after the programme will support you as you as you identify and prioritise opportunities, develop value propositions with strong product-market fit, and prepare concrete action plans for you and your teams.

To support participants work as they apply their learning using the course strategy canvases, each participant will benefit from a 20 minute 1-2-1session with a Learning Coach.



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