The Leadership Core

Enrol by 5pm CET Monday 4 January 2021


Begins 9am CET 11 January 2021


Fundamentals for Leading Through Crisis and Beyond

How can you remain grounded in your intent, open to learning, and available to others in times of strain and change? How do you cultivate integrity, commitment, and outstanding performance? How do you balance delivering quarterly results and developing for the long term? And how can you ensure that your work and private lives enrich rather than deplete each other?

The Leadership Core will help you tackle these questions and more. Much like a core workout routine helps athletes at any level and in any discipline to train better, sustain less injuries, and perform at their best, the programme will help you gain strength, stability, and flexibility as a leader. It will enhance your capacities to show up as a leader, and to free others up to do the same.

The programme builds on one central idea. At its core, leadership is always personal yet never just about you. It takes clarity, courage, and commitment. It also requires anchoring your work to a shared purpose and a specific context. Being driven is not enough. A leader’s work must be moving.

The Leadership Core is for you if you refuse to see leadership as a position at the top of a hierarchy or as a bag of tricks. If you don’t like waiting for favourable circumstances and being told what to do. If you are looking for a more personal, social, and generative—a more human—approach to leadership. Most of all, the programme is for you if you aspire to show up as a leader right now, as you are, where you are, with the people around you, and set yourself up to lead for the long run.

The value of a strong leadership core is most evident in a crisis. It will hold you and your team together when everything around you seems to be falling apart. However, this programme will also prove valuable if you are not facing an immediate crisis but wondering how to step into a new role; how to increase your visibility and influence in a familiar role; how to break through an impasse in your career, or; how to renew your well-worn way of leading. In all those circumstances, having the space and support to focus on your leadership core will benefit you, and your organisation, greatly.

Using a combination of conceptual frameworks, practical tools, and opportunities for experimentation, the programme will help you clarify your intent, refine your skills, and put both in the service of a meaningful purpose that brings people together and mobilises them to act. Each day, you will have a chance to immediately apply the course insights and tools to your work and life. You will also gain access to a supportive community that will help keep you grounded and daring.

In this programme, we recognise that leadership involves people’s whole selves, and that leaders are shapers as much as stewards of their teams and organisations. Therefore, we pay equal attention to the personal and professional facets of your development, and to the work of influencing others effectively as well as to the work of representing them in a trustworthy way.

Session 1: The Drive to Lead

  • Examine the sources of the drive to lead and of the hesitations that might hold us back
  • Recognise the difference between showing up and showing off as a leader
  • Practice sharing your intent and concerns, and taking others’ into account

Session 2: The Purpose of Leading

  • Prepare for the challenge of bringing a vision of change into proud or anxious cultures
  • Recognise the difference between getting attention and fostering commitment
  • Identify who may trust you as a leader, who may not, why, and what to do about it

Session 3: Overcoming Leader's Block

  • Identify the major constraints to embodying and sustaining your intent
  • Learn how to stop getting stuck in the face of those constraints and truly break free
  • Craft practical experiments to increase your capacity to pursue lasting growth

Session 4: Leading Together

  • Recognise that loneliness is often leaders' experience, but it is not their destiny
  • Discover how to cultivate commitments that help you stay focused and energised
  • Practice having the open conversations that cement supportive relationships


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