Governance in Times of Uncertainty

The programme is modular.

Begins 2pm CET 15 February 2021

Governance in Times of Uncertainty

Programme Overview

As a Board member, the challenges and the risks ahead of you in this new and uncertain world are unprecedented.

How can Boards of Directors respond effectively to new trends in the social and political environment, and to technological developments? Which of the emerging challenges in corporate governance are critical for corporations and Boards? How can they react to them, especially those that may emerge as high-impact, high-speed reputational threats and how can they pre-empt governance crises? Should Boards develop the capabilities of existing Board members or should they bring in specialists with knowledge of and experience of these new environments? The questions and challenges are many, but they are answerable and are not unsurmountable.

Governance in Times of Uncertainty provides you with the understanding, the best practice, tools and approaches that Boards need to ensure that the organisations they serve adapt and remain adaptable and that their reputations remain intact and legitimate in an evolving environment. Against today’s pandemic backdrop, never before have challenges other than purely business or economic been so paramount.

If you serve on a board, are thinking of doing so, or work with Boards, Governance in Times of Uncertainty is a next-generation learning experience that will empower you and your Board, ensuring you are up-to-date on best corporate governance practices. 

This programme forms part of INSEAD’s innovative GO-Live portfolio – a completely new way to learn from the Business School for the World.

Over three half-day sessions, the programme will address the following areas:

Session 1: New Challenges in Corporate Governance

  • Explore the current and new, emerging challenges in corporate governance not addressed by traditional Board practices
  • Discuss which of these challenges is most urgent for Boards to react to, as they affect companies’ and Boards’ reputations
  • Assess shareholders’ and stakeholders’ activism, their motivations, organisation, public and media levers, and strategies

Session 2: New Best Practices I

  • Examine how the most advanced Boards deal with climate change challenges
  • Learn about the impact of the gender equality movement on corporate governance and how Boards need to respond to ensure fairness in their processes and policies
  • Explore the movements promoting racial and social equality and how they are affecting companies’ actions

Session 3: New Best Practices II and Consolidation

  • Analyse the role of shareholders in corporate governance reform, at the legislative and public opinion levels
  • Explore the impact of  digital transformation on Boards
  • Discuss the law and the responsibility of Boards and Directors for dealing with new challenges
  • Bringing it all together

Dates and Delivery

Reflecting today's busy schedules and INSEAD's global outreach, the programme is delivered over three half days.

Please note, sessions are not interchangeable.

Option 1

All times shown are in CET Paris time.  Enrolment deadline: 5pm CET Friday 5 February 2021

Session 1: 2pm to 5.30pm CET Monday 15 February

Session 2: 2pm to 5.30pm CET Tuesday 16 February

Session 3: 2pm to 5.30pm CET Wednesday 17 February

Option 2

All times shown are in CET Paris time.  Enrolment deadline: 5pm CET Monday 1 March 2021

Session 1: 9am to 12.30pm CET Tuesday 9 March

Session 2: 9am to 12.30pm CET Wednesday 10 March

Session 3: 9am to 12.30pm CET Thursday 11 March

Practical Information

Recommendations for a successful learning experience:

After enrolment and payment on the Eventbrite platform, what happens next?

You will receive an email from INSEAD the week before the programme starts, providing you with your unique and personal access code and link to enrol on the programme (please monitor your junk folder in case it ends up here). As soon as you receive this email and to avoid complications on the day of the programme, we strongly advise that you click on the link and complete your enrolment straight away.

How can I ensure successful participation?

  • Save the session dates in your calendar for easy reference
  • Start your connection 15 minutes early, so that you have time to adjust the audio
  • For an optimal experience, connect using Google Chrome which is fully compatible with Barco technology. Otherwise you can connect using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari if connecting on MAC. Please do not use Internet Explorer
  • Ensure you have a stable broadband internet connection
  • Close all other applications on your computer
  • Connect individually from your computer with a headset and microphone for best audio
  • Keep your webcam open throughout the session
  • Note there is no dial-up connection, nor compatibility with mobile phones 

Who do I contact if I have questions about my enrolment? 

Send an email to [email protected], providing details of the problem.

Enrol and Pay

Get the INSEAD experience wherever you are in the world. Challenging, inspirational and transformative, INSEAD GO-Live delivers tangible and lasting impact from the word go.

Governance in Times of Uncertainty will be delivered over three half days. Visit 'Dates and Delivery' to view the complete set of dates and times.

Click on the link below, enrol and pay, and save the programme in your calendar.

Programme fee: 1790 Euros

Alumni fee: 1090 Euros

Enrol before 5pm CET 5 February. Programme starts 2pm CET 15 February 2021

Enrol before 5pm CET 1 March. Programme starts 9am CET 9 March 2021

Connection: for an optimal experience we recommend using Google Chrome browser. Otherwise you can connect using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari if connecting on MAC. Please do not use Internet Explorer.

Visit to find out which session works best for your time zone.



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