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Designing & Leading Collaboration in a New World Order

Designing & Leading Collaboration in a New World Order

How do you thrive and ensure effective collaboration in today’s complex, interdependent and fast-changing business environment? How do you fortify global and increasingly virtual organisational partnerships? And how can your business embrace new modes of working, from gig to teleworking, part-time to agile or holacracy? As a leader, the challenges ahead of you in this new and uncertain world are unprecedented. But so too are the opportunities. 

Designing & Leading Collaboration in a New World Order delivers the understanding, the tools and the approaches that you need to ensure your organisation adapts and remains adaptable in a volatile and evolving environment. You will examine the mechanics and dynamics of collaboration at the organisational, team, and individual levels with a focus on how to leverage your own leadership style to effectively drive and ensure collaborative work.

In this programme, we recognise the dual roles required of you to both design collaboration into your organisation and effectively lead its execution. Online and highly interactive to maximise impact, the programme is a next-generation learning experience that empowers you to spot the levers that drive agility and to bolster your organisation’s readiness for the changes yet to come.

Session 1: Organisational adaptation through collaboration

  • Explore the role of innovation and adaptation in surviving and thriving now and in the future 
  • Examine different approaches to organising and collaborating: agile, scrum, holacracy and others
  • Discover opportunities to improve your organisation’s fit in a complex, interdependent environment. 

Session 2: Building a collaborative team

  • Examine the dynamics of collaboration at the team level
  • Identify the barriers to group collaboration: across boundaries and in the context of multi-teaming when employees work across projects.

Session 3: Leading collaborations (and collaboratively)

  • Explore the role of the individual leader and leadership style in the context of collaborative success
  • Analyse the role of leadership skills like coaching and giving feedback
  • Bring it all together in the contexts of challenges observed in modules 1 and 2.


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