Decision-Making in Difficult Times

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Decision-Making in Difficult Times

Programme Overview

If you have any questions about Decision-Making in Difficult Times, please get in touch with the Programme Advisors team.

Today’s business environment is more prone than ever before to severe uncertainty, risk and time pressure. To lead your organisation and drive its long-term value, you need to exert the kind of judgement, risk management and decision making that aligns, inspires and mobilises your people to perform to the best of their ability. All this hinges on your ability to identify your own biases and blind spots, and to overcome conflicts.

Decision-Making in Difficult Times illuminates the cognitive processes that drive systemic biases in decision-framing, information-seeking and learning from feedback. The programme empowers you with the insights, understanding and the tools to boost your own judgment, and make better, more solid decisions for you and your organisation in difficult times.

This programme forms part of INSEAD’s innovative GO-Live portfolio – a completely new way to learn from the Business School for the World.

Over two half day sessions, the programme will address the following areas of decision-making:

Managing risk:

  • Understand how we react to and manage unknown risk
  • Distinguish whether it is better to make a rushed decision or no decision at all
  • Explore the relevancy of intuitions and emotions
  • Learn how to select the “right” frame for a problem

Sustainable leadership:

  • Discover how to build scenarios
  • Explore whether groups are better than individuals in limiting cognitive bias
  • Determine the cost of inconsistent decision-making
  • Examine what room there is for learning during a crisis

Programme Director

Enrico Diecidue

Professor of Decision Sciences

Enrico Diecidue directs the executive education programme: Strategic Decision Making for Leaders.

Professor Diecidue's research focuses on decision making under uncertainty. He is interested in the role of regret, aspiration levels, and time in individual decisions. His current research is also addressing the role of groups in complex decisions. Professor Diecidue’s research has appeared in leading journals including Decision Analysis, International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Management Science, Mathematical Social Sciences, Theory and Decision

Read Professor Diecidue's full profile

Dates and Delivery

Reflecting today's busy schedules and INSEAD's global outreach, the programme is delivered over two half day sessions offered at two different times - so you have the choice to attend according to your schedule and time zone.

Please note, sessions are not interchangeable.

Enrolment is now closed.

All times shown are in CET Paris time.  Enrolment deadline: 5pm CET Monday 25 May 2020.

Option 1

Session 1: starts Wednesday 3 June from 9am to 12.30pm CET

Session 2: starts Thursday 4 June from 9am to 12.30pm CET

Option 2

Session 1: starts Wednesday 3 June from 2pm to 5.30pm CET

Session 2: starts Thursday 4 June from 2pm to 5.30pm CET


Recommendations for a successful learning experience and FAQs:

After enrolment and payment on the Eventbrite platform, what happens next?

You will receive an email from INSEAD the week before the programme starts, providing you with your unique and personal access code and link to enrol on the programme (please monitor your junk folder in case it ends up here). As soon as you receive this email and to avoid complications on the day of the programme, we strongly advise that you click on the link and complete your enrolment straight away.

How can I ensure successful participation?

  • Save the session dates in your calendar for easy reference
  • Start your connection 15 minutes early, so that you have time to adjust the audio
  • Use Google Chrome as your browser (other browsers will not support the platform)
  • Ensure you have a stable broadband internet connection
  • Close all other applications on your computer
  • Connect individually from your computer with a headset and microphone for best audio
  • Keep your webcam open throughout the session
  • Note there is no dial-up connection, nor compatibility with mobile phones 

Who do I contact if I have questions about my enrolment? 

Send an email to [email protected], providing details of the problem.

Enrol and Pay

Get the INSEAD experience wherever you are in the world. Challenging, inspirational and transformative, INSEAD GO-Live delivers tangible and lasting impact from the word go.

Decision-Making in Difficult Times will be delivered over two half day sessions, offered at two different times. Visit 'Dates and Delivery' to view the complete set of session dates and times available.

Select one of the options below to enrol and pay, and save the programme in your calendar.

Standard programme fee: 900 Euros

Special launch fee for this programme: 690 Euros

Please note that in order to access INSEAD GO-Live programmes you must use Google Chrome (no other browser will support the platform)

Enrolment is now closed. If you have any questions about Decision-Making in Difficult Times, please get in touch with the Programme Advisors team.

Visit to find out which session works best for your time zone.



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