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GO-Live FAQs


Frequently asked questions about INSEAD GO-Live

Leveraging all the power of next-generation and real-time learning technology, connect from anywhere in the world and engage live with faculty and peers just like you would in an INSEAD classroom. 

If you have a question about GO-Live, please get in touch via email.



What does GO-LIVE offer?

GO-Live offers live, real-time learning, using next-generation technology. Participants log-in to a virtual amphitheatre where interaction with faculty and peers is fluid and the exchange in the classroom remains as dynamic and as engaging as an INSEAD classroom. To read testimonials from past GO-Live participants, please click here.

Live Virtual programmes are delivered via GO-Live or Zoom technology. What’s more, Live Virtual delivers the same content and learning of a face-to-face Open Enrolment Programme.

How many participants will be in the virtual classroom with me?

Each virtual amphitheatre welcomes 48 participants maximum per delivery.

When will I have access to the platform?

Roughly one week before the programme starts you will receive an email from INSEAD providing you with your unique and personal access code and link to enrol on GO-Live (please monitor your junk folder in case it ends up here).

As soon as you receive this email and to avoid complications on the day of the programme we strongly advise you to log into the platform and follow set-up procedures to ensure you do not encounter issues on the day of the programme.

Will participants receive recordings of the sessions?

Due to GDPR compliance, recordings will not be made available to participants.

Which browser can I use to connect to GO-Live?

We recommend Google Chrome browser which is fully compatible. Otherwise you can connect using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari if connecting on MAC. 

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer.

What happens if participants miss a portion of a session because of technical difficulties?

Participants with internet connection issues are welcome to join a bit late. However, in the case that the majority of the teaching and/or group work has been missed it may not be worthwhile to attend the remainder of the session. This would need to be judged on a case-by-case basis, by both the participant and in particular the faculty given their visibility on the learning objectives.

To check internet connections and access the GO-Live platform, participants must do so following guidelines stipulated on the website and in confirmation emails, for example using Google Chrome (ideally) and logging-in and testing the system before day 1 of the programme.



If you have any questions related to INSEAD GO-Live, we are here to help you.

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