Leveraging all the power of next-generation and real-time learning technology, connect from anywhere in the world and engage live with faculty and peers just like you would in an INSEAD classroom.

Against the backdrop of today's most pressing issues and trends and brought to you by INSEAD's international faculty - each thought leaders in their field of expertise - INSEAD GO-Live brings you insights and strategies to strengthen you and your organisation's performance.

Get the INSEAD experience wherever you are in the world. Challenging, inspirational and transformative programmes that deliver tangible and lasting impact from the word go.

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What is INSEAD GO-Live?


Welcoming up to 45 executives per virtual classroom for a synchronous learning journey, participants have full eye contact with faculty whilst engaging with their peers, and can either focus on visual content or the whiteboard as needed. The learning experience is further supported by interactive tools including virtual breakout rooms, text chats and polling.

Although programmes are delivered at a set time, participants can log-in from home or work. And given today's hectic schedules and INSEAD's global outreach, each programme will be delivered over multiple sessions sometimes offered at two different times, so you have the choice to attend according to your schedule and time zone.

Why is the learning so unique?


Leveraging new generation learning technology, INSEAD GO-Live offers:

  • A fully immersive and engaging class presentation

  • Synchronous online learning for optimal flexibility

  • Leading-edge technology and formats

  • Enhanced features and deep analytics to deliver completely new ways of teaching and learning

  • Welcoming up to 45 participants simultaneously - from anywhere in the world

The Learning Experience



Full view of the Professor's movements and direct eye contact


Virtual breakout rooms to drive
group work.

Access to whiteboard, chat,
and polling.


A bird's eye view of fellow participants and the ability to see their facial expressions



If you have any questions related to INSEAD GO-Live, we are here to help you.


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Comment profiter de la formation professionnelle (FNE) pour salariés en activité partielle


Le Gouvernement Français a pris des engagements forts pour permettre aux entreprises de « former plutôt que de licencier » en prenant à sa charge 100% des frais de formation jusqu’à 1500€ TTC par salarié au chômage partiel.

C’est une opportunité unique pour les entreprises françaises de mettre à profit la période actuelle pour améliorer l’employabilité et la montée en compétences de ses salariés.

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