Content Overview


The Leading Business Transformation in Asia curriculum covers broad general management principles to complement the already considerable skills and experience of participants. The specific Asian case studies and discussions give these general principles a unique context.

The Global & Regional Landscape


The rise of Asia & its place in the world

  • Develop a framework for understanding the rapid transformation of the world economy and Asia's future economic prospects
  • Assess economic success stories such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities offered by new centres of growth such as China, India, Vietnam
  • Explore the possibility of trade wars, global imbalances, rebalancing in China, monetary policy in India, and more
  • Evaluate the environment for doing business and identify markets of the future

Going global & becoming local: Strategies for success

  • Understand the concept of “contextual intelligence”: recognising the limits of one’s knowledge and adapting that knowledge to a different environment
  • Explore the trade-offs between global integration and local adaptation
  • Discover how building a true global company requires not only the ability to adapt to foreign environments, but also leveraging its global presence to build competitive advantage
  • Understand what it takes for emerging market firms to build the capabilities to compete globally

Developing Business Acumen


Digital strategy: Innovating across platforms & ecosystems

  • Recognise new opportunities that technologies enable, and new competitive threats that cut across industries
  • Take advantage of key dynamics around launching digital platforms, such as crowdsourcing, machine learning and analytics
  • Discover how Asian platforms like Alibaba, Grab and Go-Jek deliver value by building ecosystems and partnering with innovative third parties
  • Assess how the above combination enables a new take on what firms need to consider doing differently from what they have done before

Marketing in a customer-centric world

  • Gain insights into how firms can address Asia’s B2C challenges of affordability, access, availability and innovation
  • Learn how consumer behaviour is similar or different across developing and developed B2C markets
  • From the B2B view, uncover how firms can achieve success through client insights, innovative business models and organisational alignment
  • Explore how developments in social media, platforms and e-commerce/m-commerce impact new products and services

Achieving organisational re-design via Org 2.0*

  • Be introduced to cutting-edge applications of machine learning, AI and prototyping
  • Learn to use data to answer one of the fundamental questions: who to hire, develop and retain
  • Learn to prototype organisational change processes using computer simulations
  • Combine the above with A/B testing (a.k.a. randomised controlled trials) to know, rather than guess, which organisational designs will be effective
  • Apply these tools to your context – anywhere from the departmental level to the organisational level

*Org 2.0 is organisation design based on science, made possible through a combination of theoretical developments and access to vast computational power. Learn more » 

Making the Right Choices


Strategic thinking & decision-making

  • Learn about the cognitive processes behind systematic biases in framing decisions, seeking information, and in evaluating feedback
  • Explore the characteristics of a good group decision-making process, how this compares with individual decisions, and how this can be made robust
  • Learn to apply game theory to understand an array of topics, from regulatory design, to market entry decisions, to the prevalence of price wars in Asia 

Leading change & high impact teams

  • Explore how groups and teams communicate and function, and common pitfalls
  • Develop techniques for optimising group and team performance
  • Learn to use structural and interpersonal influence tactics that lead to stakeholder buy-in
  • Build a toolkit that you can use to motivate change and overcome resistance 
  • Leverage both formal organisational structure and informal social networks to create momentum for change

Building leadership presence

  • Understand your personal communication style, its strengths and challenges 
  • Explore ways to establish more meaningful connections between you and the people you want to persuade and influence
  • Grow your leadership presence and improve your ability to communicate effectively across cultural contexts

Learning Journey


Leading Business Transformation in Asia carefully combines a wide range of experiences into a powerful learning process:

  • Thought-provoking lectures to help you grasp the latest thinking and complex concepts
  • Interactive case studies based on real-life business dilemmas from Asia and beyond
  • Group work that gives you the benefit of experience and expertise that is very different from your own
  • Classroom discussions to open up new perspectives
  • Simulations to test your skills and knowledge in a highly competitive yet risk-free environment

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