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Senior management challenges in an Asian context

The Asian region has rapidly developing – sometimes volatile – markets, changing regulatory structures and widely varying government systems. As such, it presents managers with unparalleled challenges. The Asian International Executive Programme prepares executives for senior management challenges, while also helping you make a successful transition from specialist to generalist.

Consistently set within an Asian context, this general management programme will provide you with frameworks for structuring your intuitive understanding of business fundamentals, such as strategy, operations, finance, marketing, change management, and judgement and decision making. It is an intensive experience that will sharpen your decision-making skills and broaden your knowledge of the Asian business environment in just two weeks.

How you benefit

  • Gain greater insight into business fundamentals and confidence to lead across functions and geographical borders.
  • Acquire a new approach to strategy, processes and up-to-date business models in an Asian context.
  • Understand which business principles and practices are more or less universal and which need to be tailored to the Asian region.
  • Continue receiving up-to-date information on issues faced in Asia through invitations to panel discussions after completing the programme. 

Participant profile

Our classes typically consist of participants from over 30 nationalities. We believe that this diversity creates the unique environment at INSEAD and enriches your learning experience. Participants cover the full spectrum of business professionals and leaders from the private or public sectors – from heads of product divisions, geographical regions or other major business units to senior executives. They are usually:

  • Executives with at least eight years of management experience or newly-appointed general managers
  • Already working in Asia (or preparing to) or with responsibilities that are specific to the region.


This programme qualifies for the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management.

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