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By the end of the Advanced Asset Management programme, participants will have gained an overview of new industry trends and will have been exposed to new ideas that can be turned into strategies in asset allocation. They will have learned about – and confronted – the main pitfalls and problems faced by their peers in the asset management industry. They will also have acquired a new understanding of markets and strategies. Themes covered during the programme include the following.


Strategic asset management:
trends and new insights

An in-depth exploration of strategic industry insights will provide participants with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of asset management today. These sessions also include an overview of the instruments used to deliver results.


Stock selection techniques
for long-term investors

Focus on how to take advantage of long-term value creation, with particular emphasis on the determinants of long-term value, including new trends on stock selection for the long run and the link to firms’ payout policies.


 Behavioural strategies
and arbitrage-based tools

Acquire insights into new techniques used to implement arbitrage (long-short) strategies including ideas provided by the ‘behavioural finance’ paradigm. Learn how to analyse arbitrage-based strategies, expanding on the most recent research into mispricing based on limits to arbitrage and market frictions.

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