Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

"I was drawn to INSEAD because of the powerful reputation it has as a leading graduate business school. More than that, though, when I looked at the programme outline, I liked the way it integrated practical business tools for building successful impact ventures with a theoretical approach. There aren’t many courses on social entrepreneurship out there that have that academic aspect."

Jessie Coates
Head of Operations for Enterprise Growth Services
Ernst & Young
London, United Kingdom

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I am pleased to support this wonderful initiative that creates and fosters immense creativity, energy, and commitment among participants and faculty. It is an open centre of ideas and energy for integrating social entrepreneurship and business.

Founder, Andromeda Fund, The Netherlands

The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme in Fontainebleau brought together a diverse representation of case studies and learning from a cross section of relevant businesses and organisations, which were extremely beneficial in helping me to understand how to make my own business more successful. The teaching was personal, passionate and supportive. I highly recommend it.

Creative Director, Anti-Apathy, United Kingdom


The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme gave me an opportunity to take a little distance from the work that Gram Vikas is doing and view it more objectively and strategically. This reflection was possible because of the refreshing approach to teaching and handling of the case studies used. The atmosphere in the classroom was charged up and conducive for learning, as the participants were experienced people with a mature, professional approach. It was indeed good for me and for my organisation to have participated in this programme in Singapore.”

Executive Director, Gram Vikas, India

How can we address social problems with an innovative business approach? What makes a social entrepreneur unique? These and many other important issues were richly debated and participants were exposed to a variety of essential skills and models. I left the campus inspired, rich in wonderful new friends.”

Chief Executive Officer, Kashf Foundation, Pakistan



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