Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme.

The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme was a unique opportunity for me to understand social impact and entrepreneurship from a global perspective. The creative blend of using theoretical and interactive learning methods by using different business models, case studies and organisational life cycles kept my enthusiasm strong throughout the course, eager to learn more every day. I met an amazingly diverse group of individuals that are working towards answers of global challenges that can help uplift humanity. This course is a must do for anyone who want to create a socially driven impact rich business or organisation !

Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sehat Kahani, Pakistan
ISEP 2019

ISEP is definitely a program that will inspire you, whether from case studies skillfully navigated by the professors, insights of your amazing classmates, to experiences shared by the guest speakers! When you work in the social impact sector, its easy to feel lonely. The ability to be candid about real challenges faced, receive feedbacks from different viewpoints, and be challenged about the idea of what it means to make an impact was priceless. I now have more ‘homework’ after the program, but am excited to implement what I learned !

Larissa Pramudita Sidarto
Director of Business Development and Marketing, HARA, Indonesia
ISEP 2019

I took part in the ISEP programme to broaden my corporate perspective with deeper understanding of the outlook and challenges of today’s and future social entrepreneurship. In a highly diverse setting of participants, the programme delivers an impressive in-depth coverage of a breadth of subjects in the way you can expect from the INSEAD Executive Education Programmes: intense, engaging and interactive with solid academic and practical content supported with award-winning casework. The programme, the diversity in background and perspectives of the group and becoming part of the unique and active ISEP alumni network of social entrepreneurs from around the world make ISEP invaluable.

Art Paardekooper
Independent Consultant, ImpactWorx, The Netherlands
ISEP 2018

"I was drawn to INSEAD because of the powerful reputation it has as a leading graduate business school. More than that, though, when I looked at the programme outline, I liked the way it integrated practical business tools for building successful impact ventures with a theoretical approach. There aren’t many courses on social entrepreneurship out there that have that academic aspect."

Jessie Coates
Head of Operations for Enterprise Growth Services
Ernst & Young
London, United Kingdom

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The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme gave me an opportunity to take a little distance from the work that Gram Vikas is doing and view it more objectively and strategically. This reflection was possible because of the refreshing approach to teaching and handling of the case studies used. The atmosphere in the classroom was charged up and conducive for learning, as the participants were experienced people with a mature, professional approach. It was indeed good for me and for my organisation to have participated in this programme in Singapore.”

Executive Director, Gram Vikas, India

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