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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of the The Family Enterprise Challenge.

Excellent team coordination. Clarity and consistency in the development of the subject matter. Excellent practical application of subject learnt. Excellent idea to share practical exercise of family meetings.

Latin America family business owner

A huge thank you from our family for organising such an excellent course. It has given us new ideas, helped re-establish core values and provided us with the tools to re-invent and invigorate our family. All this in four days, quite an achievement!

Africa family business owner

Thank you very much for the wonderful programme. It was very beneficial for my family and we hope to put a lot of things into practice shortly. We are going to start working on the family constitution.

Middle East family executive

The FAME programme you taught us had a very positive impact on the family! We have our regular family meetings. We already have discussed and changed many taboo subjects such as the ‘girls in the company’ issue. I am proud to announce that my sister is now officially a shareholder of the family business.

Europe family executive

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