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Content Overview


All sessions take a distinctively international and interactive approach, reflecting the cosmopolitan make-up of the participants and leveraging their rich experience. Over four and a half days, you will cover the following topics using a wide variety of stimulating learning materials developed specifically for the programme at INSEAD. Most sessions are anchored in a real-life case study from a family business.


Addressing the family business system and challenges


Understanding and strengthening family relationships


Aligning family ownership, business strategy and governance


Developing new skills to improve family harmony
and business performance


Action planning, execution and follow-up

Participants maximise the opportunity to gather programme insights more effectively when two or more members of a family enterprise attend the programme.

Parallel Planning Process Map


The Parallel Planning Process (PPP) outlined in the diagram below was developed at INSEAD to help business families plan for both the business and the family – two very different but interlocking systems.

The strength of the Parallel Planning Process is not just that it works. It is that the Parallel Planning Process is applicable the world over. It is rooted in the shared values of the individual family rather than inappropriate notions of ‘universal’ best practice.

The programme does not simply teach the Parallel Planning Process. An intensive workshop uses visual and listening techniques to give all those present a voice about values and vision – and thus acts as a springboard for the process of real-life planning.

Wendel International Centre
for Family Enterprise


The fast-growing field of family business is at the forefront of research and teaching at INSEAD. The activity initiated by the Wendel family (active in business since 1704) has received substantial support from several family businesses and individuals in Europe (Tetra Laval, Berghmans/Lhoist, and André and Rosalie Hoffmann). The Centre is dedicated to helping the owners and executives of family-controlled organisations address their specific issues. It conducts research, develops programmes and runs events. Family businesses can also benefit from tailor-made programmes for their owners and managers. Find out more.

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