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Through a mix of lectures and demonstrations, creative challenges associated with real-world problems and case studies from different industries, Innovation by Design will help participants learn how to innovate by using the power of design and design thinking. The hands-on, workshop format of the programme maximises the programme’s pedagogical value and outcome.


User-centric insighting

  • Understanding problems from a human perspective, critical to finding meaningful purpose behind any innovation
  • Learn novel ways to uncover insights behind what users need and desire


Creative ideating

  • Understanding why searching for novelty and usefulness is the essence of creativity
  • Unpack the creativity phenomenon and learn strategies to enable creative ideating


Rapid and cheap iterating

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of iterating in a quick, 'dirty', yet valid, manner
  • Learn to design, evaluate and execute iterations to move preliminary ideas to truly desirable, feasible and viable states


Creative organisational cultures

  • Understand how to conceive a creative organisational culture in order to bring the power of design to your organisation
  • Discuss the key managerial levers needed to activate an organisational culture that supports creative thinking and creative action


Organisational transformation

  • Learn how to make transformation a reality in your organisation by efficiently engaging in the process of becoming more innovative
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities of transforming traditional organisations into more innovative ones in both the private and public sector


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