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The Danfoss–INSEAD Strategic Excellence
Development Programme

Danfoss was a company in search of a new leadership mindset to respond to the challenges and opportunities of a changing world.

With a brief focused on strategy, innovation and culture, especially with respect to sustainability and digitalisation, it approached several top business schools with the ultimate goal of developing leaders who would run the businesses as if they were their own.


Danfoss leaders are the first to acknowledge that they do not work for a typical multinational. What works elsewhere is not necessarily going to work at Danfoss.

Back in 2019, when the company set out to raise the game of its
top 250 leaders, Ilonka Nussbaumer, Head of Human Resources, knew
she was not looking for just another academic or soft-skills leadership
programme. Danfoss was already packed with very smart people who
were also talented leaders. “What we really wanted was for our senior
leaders to run their businesses as if they were their own,” she says. “It
wasn’t really a question of leadership in terms of excellence and people
management, but leadership in terms of strategy, innovation and

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Danfoss is dedicated to “Engineering Tomorrow” with solutions and products that allow the world to use resources in smarter ways.

Based in Denmark and still owned by members of the founding family, the company has 40,000 employees worldwide, 95 production sites and sales in 100 countries totalling €7.5billion a year*. Danfoss manufactures products and provides services for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating systems, controlling electric motors, green energy generation and much more.


*Correct at the time of writing in June 2022



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