Content Overview


The International Directors Banking Programme consists of three modules – governance effectiveness in the modern banking landscape; board efficiency and dynamics for high-performing culture; and developing director excellence and their boards.

Within each module, the programme will focus on three fundamental questions:

  • What do bank directors need to know about the modern banking landscape to set the direction of the organisation?
  • How can bank directors and executives cultivate board efficiency and positive dynamics for a high-performing culture?
  • In the current context of the banking sector, how can bank directors best exercise their responsibilities to accomplish what is required in the boardroom?


Governance effectiveness in the modern banking landscape

  • Scanning the global financial environment and banking landscape
  • Fundamentals of director and board effectiveness
  • Governance challenges in a changing banking world
  • Effective governance across geographies and cultures


Board efficiency and dynamics for a high-performing culture

  • Effective decision-making in the board room
  • Political, social and networking competencies for board directors
  • Positive boardroom dynamics through fair process leadership
  • Simulation exercise - fair process leadership in action


Developing directors’ excellence and their boards

  • The strategy imperative – stakeholder engagement and crisis management
  • Putting it all together through a board simulation
  • 360-degree evaluation of director's strengths and development opportunities
  • Group coaching techniques for director improvement
  • Director Personal Development Plans

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