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Developing more effective directors in a global banking context

In today’s global economy, the banking sector is under heavy scrutiny from regulators, shareholders and society, who are all searching for both improved governance and performance. Bank boards and senior executives must deliver performance while complying with stricter regulations, avoiding sanctions at all costs, and navigating risks in an environment that remains turbulent and unpredictable. Tensions are of course present in all sectors, but they are particularly severe in banking, where compliance and ethics, long-term versus short-term trade-offs, and product and organisational complexity abound. And if all this was not enough, digitalisation and fintech are expected to cause fundamental changes.

Building on the success of INSEAD’s International Directors Programme, our flagship course in corporate governance, the new International Directors Banking Programme is designed to support international bank directors and senior executives in navigating this most challenging environment.

Set within the context of the banking sector, this programme offers practical and tested frameworks and tools for board directors seeking to boost their existing competences or review their corporate governance practices in search for a corporate culture which is anchored in both effective governance and performance.

How you benefit

  • Understand the broader context in which banks operate including the inherent tension and pitfalls associated with governance in the banking sector
  • Develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of corporate governance with clarity on the roles and responsibilities of bank board directors and executives
  • Gain an overview of the knowledge and competences expected from bank directors including skills around governing across cultures and geographies, stakeholder engagement and crisis management
  • Develop director-specific skills that contribute to the creation of a high-performing board and corporate culture
  • Hone your ability to challenge executives through positive exchanges focused on the key issues that underpines corporate performance.

Participant Profile

  • Board members / directors in banking
  • Senior bank executives with governance experience
  • Members of board committees
  • Auditors and legal counsel of financial institutions working with banks and their boards
  • Regulators and supervisors

Towards Sustainability: 
A New Curriculum for Boards


Conference: 8 - 9 April 2019, Fontainebleau, Europe Campus

Held by the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC), the Hoffman Global Institute for Business and Society (GIBS) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

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A collaborative effort


The programme is offered in partnership with the European Banking Federation, which aims to ensure that common regulatory and policy goals are well understood and adhered with. It is the result of a collaboration between Peter Nathanial, governance expert and former Group Chief Risk Officer at Royal Bank of Scotland, and Professor Jose Luis Alvarez, Academic Director of the INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre.


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