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Executive Education

Certificate in Global Management

In today’s hyper-competitive, globalised business world, leading change and sustaining your edge is down to developing the knowledge, insights and tools to make the best decisions for you and your organisation and execute them successfully. The INSEAD Certificate in Global Management represents a credential and formal recognition of continuous professional development in the areas of global management and leadership. 

The certificate allows you to strategically plan your development needs at a pace that fits your career progression and attests to your commitment to your personal and professional development and your capacity for continuous self-improvement that translates into results. Upon completion, you will be conferred with INSEAD alumni statusgiving you access to lifelong learning and networking opportunities that are second to none.

We are pleased to announce INSEAD Online Certificates: Leading in a Transforming World now count towards the Certificate in Global Management - as a Specialised programme. Depending on the INSEAD Online Certificate chosen, you will earn a total of between 3 and 5 days towards the Certificate in Global Management.

How to qualify?

To qualify for the certificate, you have to complete at least 3 INSEAD Executive Education programmes totalling 15 days minimum over a 4-year period.

Several combinations of programmes* are possible to allow you to qualify for the Certificate in Global Management:

  • Option 1: Complete 1 core programme and 2 specialised programmes
  • Option 2: Complete 2 core programmes and 1 specialised programme
  • Option 3: Complete 3 core programmes
  • Option 4: Complete 1 customised or partner programme (minimum 3 days) and 2 programmes (core or specialised)

You can find the list of core and specialised programmes here.

*Only programmes of 3 days and longer count towards the Certificate. Open Online programmes count towards the Certificate in Global Management only through our INSEAD Online Certificates: Leading in a Transforming WorldAdditionally, the INSEAD Online Certificates are not cumulative. If completing multiple Certificates, only one will count towards the Certificate in Global Management.

How to Get Started

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Assess your needs

Identify the skills that you would like to develop or reinforce and build your personalised learning development plan under the close guidance of our team of advisors.


Select your programmes

Select and attend at least 3 programmes, totalling 15 days or more, over a 4-year period.

Make sure that your combination of core and specialised programmes meets the qualifying requirements detailed.

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Enroll in your first programme

Fill in the application form for the first programme you want to attend. A programme advisor will then be in touch to review your options and help you with the application process.

Alternatively, you can contact a programme advisor to discuss the enrolment process.

Sample Combination of Programmes

To better understand the development plan provided by the Certificate in Global Management, have a look at the table below that demonstrates a programme combination eligible for the certificate.

Minimum Requirements: 3 programmes totalling 15 days to complete within 4 years.



Start date


Tuition Fees*

Core The Challenge of Leadership 17 January 2022 20 days € 38,500
Specialised Blue Ocean Strategy 14 February 2022 4 days €7,650
Specialised Strategic Decision Making for Leaders 10 May 2022 3 days €7,250


1 Core + 2 Specialised Programmes within 4 years 27 days Approx € 53,400

* Tuition fees are based on published rates for that academic year. VAT / GST applies at prevailing rates.

A mug next to a computer showing an on-going video conference call with lots of attendees, which represent INSEAD Global Management Certification participants.

More Information (Webinar On-Demand)

At INSEAD, we give you the tools to see the world through multiple lenses and to create solutions that are game-changing. Our programmes give you a chance to step back, reflect and refresh your knowledge.

We share more information about our credential and formal recognition of continuous professional development, the INSEAD Certificate in Global Management in this webinar.

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Why Choose the Certificate?


1st Class Education

The Certificate in Global Management provides you with a credential and formal recognition from the top global business school in the world. Learn from world-class thought leaders and gain fresh perspectives in the latest business trends.

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Alumni Network

Join our elite worldwide network of 64K+ Alumni in 175 countries and benefit from lifelong networking, professional development opportunities and preferential rates for all Executive Education programmes.



Within a 4-year period, you have the time to identify and select the programmes that best address your development needs as your career evolves.

Hear from our Participants


I want to apply for the Certificate, what should I do?

Whether you have already attended a Customised or Open Programme or whether you intend to participate in one for the first time, our specialist advisors will work with you to identify the most suitable path to obtaining your Certificate. This will help you design a long-term learning plan, maximising the impact for you and your organisation.

When is the next session or start date for the Certificate?

The start date depends on which programme you choose from a list of 40+ Open Enrolment Programmes or the Customised Programme that your company organised. You need to accumulate a total of 15 days within a 4-year timeline to be eligible for the certificate. Obtaining the Certificate in Global Management is a culmination of completing a series of programmes within 4 years. For further information on programme dates, you can access the full list here.

Is there an added cost?

No, there is no additional cost beyond the total programme fees.

How many days in total do I have to complete?

The minimum number of programme days needed to obtain the certificate is 15 days.

Can I complete the three programmes in less than four years if I wish?

Yes, you can complete the programme in less than four years and in whatever order suits your needs.

Can more than one ‘Core programme’ count towards the Certificate?

Yes, you could even choose all three of your programmes from the list of Core Programmes.