17 April 2017

INSEAD Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi


In today’s business world, where teams are spread across the planet and most of our communication takes place virtually, how do we work effectively in the face of cross-cultural complexity?

In this presentation Professor Erin Meyer, author of The Culture Map winner of the 2015 Thinkers50 Radar Award, and named one of the top 30 HR influencers in the world by HR Magazine, explains how to dramatically increase business success by understanding—and making the best possible use of—cultural differences.

Even with English as a global language, it's easy to fall into cultural traps that endanger careers and sink deals when, say, a Brazilian manager tries to fathom how his Chinese suppliers really get things done, or a British team leader tries to get a handle on the intra-team dynamics between his Russian and Indian team members. In this presentation Erin Meyer provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business. She combines a smart analytical framework with practical, actionable advice for succeeding in a global world.

In this presentation Professor Meyer will focus specifically on how to communicate and negotiate effectively across cultures, how to provide feedback to international counterparts, and how to build and nourish trust with people from around the world.  


15:30 - 16:00Registration
16:00 - 16:05Welocme
Miguel Sousa Lobo, Associate Professor of Decision Sciences,
Director of the Middle East Campus, INSEAD
16:05 - 17:30Presentation
Erin Meyer, Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD
17:30 - 17:35Closing Remarks



Erin Meyer

Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Miguel Sousa Lobo

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences
Director of the Middle East Campus



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