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Taskforce - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at INSEAD

Early Achievements

(Update on Action Plan as of 5 January 2022)

Thought Leadership

  • Our INSEAD EDI Knowledge Page launched on 24 September 2020 with over 25 articles dedicated to developing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) knowledge and practice.
  • We have now allocated 50k seed funding to Research and Development projects on DEI.
  • Our series of research-based webinars on equity, diversity and inclusion launched during our INSEAD Summer Festival of Learning and continues this fall. The past and confirmed future webinars are:

Representation and Inclusion

  • Students. INSEAD is already acting on this key area and is committed to our pledge of doubling our scholarship budget for students from under-represented backgrounds, including from Africa.
  • Staff. We are commencing internal conversations and exploring external best practices for how to manage staff-relevant EDI in accordance with the legal systems of our campuses.
  • Faculty. We are now in discussion with the PhD Project, which helps identify potential entry-level faculty and PhD students from under-represented minority groups, and leveraging our networks to identify mobile mid-career and senior faculty.


  • Thanks to a donor's generous gift, we will launch the fund dedicated to developing cases in the second half of October.
  • Our new elective on diversity, equity and inclusion taught by Zoe Kinias will be offered for MBA and MiM students beginning in May 2021.
  • The Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society will host a panel discussion on EDI and sustainability in early November during the annual SDG week, in collaboration with our IWiB and Africa student clubs


  • We have begun a deliberate process to engage our faculty about increasing DEI in our curriculum. In an early October internal email, Dean Urs Peyer encouraged MBA faculty to review their syllabi for opportunities to introduce materials more reflective of racial diversity in the business world and touching on inequality.
  • In early September, Prashant Yadav agreed to lead the INSEAD Africa Initiative. He has set initial priorities for focus on establishing a visiting scholars program between African scholars and INSEAD, developing pedagogical materials to introduce more African business issues, examples and protagonists into the INSEAD curriculum and hosting an Africa-focused conference. Prashant is working in coordination with the EDIT Core Group and relevant stakeholder groups.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce (EDIT)

We thank the members of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce (EDIT) for their tremendous contributions in developing important resources, as well as engaging community members in crucial conversations about fostering inclusive practices and environments at INSEAD.

The following individuals served as members of the EDIT taskforce

Broader Taskforce

  • Lucy Quist, MBA 05J, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley, member of INSEAD Board of Directors

Student representatives

  • Sli Ebrah MBA'20D, BLM Taskforce Member, VP of Finance Europe Campus Student Council, Academic Representative E7, COVID-19 Taskforce Member
  • Michael Holman MBA'20D, BLM Taskforce Member, Africa Business Club Leadership Team

Staff representatives

  • Middle East Campus: Samia Ali, Associate Director, Executive MBA Programmes, Degree Programmes
  • Europe Campus: Anna Sarr, Associate Director Development, Advancement
  • San Francico Hub: Alexis Williams, Associate Director Development, Advancement

Alumni representatives:

  • Dolu Lanlehin, MBA'15D, Senior Manager at PayPal
  • Nabila Aguele, MBA'14J, Special Adviser to the Honorable Minister of Finance, Budget, and National Planning in Nigeria

Working with the following school representatives

  • Sue Atkinson, HR Business Partner, Human Resources
  • Libera Bigenwald, Legal Counsel, Legal Affairs Department
  • Lucia Del Carpio, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Erika Gudjonson, Global Director of Legal Affairs
  • Nida Januskis, Associate Dean of Advancement
  • Katy Montgomery, Associate Dean of Degree Programmes
  • Axel Tagliavini, Chief Communications Officer